awesome dream

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by vbrasta, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. well last night i had this crazy ass dream that i was broke and i only had like 4 dollars left to my name, which for some reason i HAD to buy pringles with.

    so i went all the way to the harris teeter, not realising i was dreaming, and bought the pringles... i get home and go to sit down to munch a bit, and i open the pringles tall can only to find its packed to the RIM with dankness of dank chronic dank

    wouldnt that be sweet
  2. That's a very cool story.....bro.
  3. Espcially If it was Bubbas Barbecue Buddha that is a dank chip and strain
  4. That.... is fucking awesome.

    I would be so damn pissed the whole day though......
  5. Cool azz dream.
  6. i has a crazy dream last night where i led hundreds of black people into battle with the white man, they were all making this wierd hand gesture. crazy thing was im white.

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