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Discussion in 'General' started by Nuggz, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. I haven't smoked for almost a week now but have a lil Thc in me but I had this awesome crazy dream I slept for 10 hours and my dream was that I was with some of my RANDOM buddies, they gave me like $300 something bucks lol to get them some Cid, E, and Buddha. I've never even done Cid or E so it was comepletely random, so I get it from a RANDOM buddy of mine and it was weird cause I kinda thought I was gonna get ripped off or something but I didn't. So then we go back to this RANDOM house and it was just crazy "BEING" in the house cause it was really trippy and there were 2 brothers and they showed me around the house a lil but (which was huge and rich looking), we all sat down like (7 people, really seemed hippie ish) and we were smoking 3 different pipes and were passing them around (it seemed so real, they were even picking up there phone and making deals and shit lol , then after I was "HIGH" , I had 5 E pills and then I dropped 4 of them (I KINDA WAS PISSED LOOKED FOR THEM BUT DIDN't find them, then I took 1 E then took 1 hit of Cid, it hit me REALLY FAST, like I've had 1 other dream before where I felt I was really fucked up and could ESSENTITALLY FEEL IT and I was in school lol with my buddies and was smoking ganj in school lol and was sooooooooooooo HIGH, but I felt like I was TRIPPING OUT LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER!!! Like it was such a vivid real dream and I was talking to my buddies and stuff and I was like I CAN ALREADY FEEL IT MAAAANN, then I went to the Bathrooom lol and Was like falling over and stumbling and shit IT WAS SOOO REAL, like I COULD FEEL MY BRAIN and I WAS JUST TRIPPING BALLZ, then his mom came home and thats kinda all I can remember, but IT SERIOUSLY FELT SO REAL, but it was so random that I did Cid and E lol CANDY FLIPPING I THINK OR HIPPIE FLIPPING 1 of the 2, and I was just TRIPPING OUT AND COULD FEEL MYSELF TRIPPING OUT, it was sooo COOL! It's like my DREAM was trying to tell me something almost, IDK, but I slept for 10 hrs and IT FELT ALOT LONGER WHEN I WAS DREAMING AND MORE VIVID THAN I CAN KINDA REMEMBER, I feel like my DREAM was trying to tell me something almost? Anyone else had VIVID awesome dreams? I've had plenty but never like this! BEING HIGH, ON CID, and E! :smoking::D
  2. I dream almost every single night of getting high, I've been dry for soooo long. My most recent dream I tried smoking some blue gel capsule that someone passed off as weed. I raged out cause I couldnt get it lit lol
  3. you're not supposed to talk about anything other than marijuana on here.
  4. the blue capsule was weed, it was a dream... dont know what to tell yuh lol. edit: Not sure if you're talking to me or not, to be honest I didnt really read all of the OP's post haha
  5. Chill it was a fictional blue pill passed off as mary jane in his dream. And maybe you took the blue pill from Morpheus? The only memory left of you not entering the matrix was that very dream involving the blue pill you probably took days ago. Why didn't you take the red pill and go down the rabbit hole? You could have mastered tae-kwon-do in six hours!

    Anyway you get your dreams when you smoke? I don't dream(Or at least I don't remember) when I am using heavily for long periods. But when I stop smoking I get vivid and intense dreams/nightmares. Read that its normal for long term heavy users when they quit smoking.
  6. I would totally have followed Morpheus into the rabbit hole lol! Yeah I cant say I have any memorable dreams after getting baked either, could be because it helps me sleep deeper, I dunno :p

  7. it was a dream silly :)

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