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  1. So last night me and some buddies are passing this blunt around and someone came up with this sweet idea to go to this park that has waterfalls, areas to swim, and tons of trails and bring our dear friend mary jane along for the ride. so we all meet up today at our one friend's house and drive an hour to this park. There were 6 of us smoking and 8 in total. Weve got backpacks full of food and drinks and are pumped for our day.
    We get to this park and it was beautiful. Haha, as soon as we get there my buddy whips out his fake cig one hitter and he starts tokin as were walking on the path and there are people right by us. So we all decide to take some hits while walking to find the real smoking spot. We trek up this hill and it was amazing. We sat down and started our sesh with a nice double bubbler. We all get pretty baked and decide that it was time for our feast
    So we climb back down this hill, that even when sober would be hard to go down. So everyone makes it down safe and we get to a table to eat. My friend had a graduation party the night before so we had tons of catered food. We are almost done with our feast when one guy jumps off the table screaming and pointing. I look over and it was the biggest spider ive ever seen in my life. Within 10 seconds everyone is off the table screaming and pointing. What made it so funny was there were other people around us who saw a bunch of 18 year old guys screaming over a spider. However, it was the biggest spider ive ever seen.
    After all the excitement, we pack up and head to a path lined with raspberries and blackberries. It seemed like forever but we finally got there and man it was worth it. We finished eating our berries and headed back to the car.
    In total we probably hiked around 7-8 miles and smoked a lot of weed in the process. It was easily one of the best places I have ever been to and one of the best days of my life.:smoking:
  2. LMAO!!!! OMG! That spider story made me geek for a minute there. Im pretty blazzed right now and that was just fucking hilarious.

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