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  1. Today was amazing from start to finish. I woke up to eating some delicious english muffins toasted with butter and jelly and relaxed for the majority of the morning before getting ready. Around 2 me and my siblings all left to go to Cirque Du Solei with our grandma (If you don't know Cirque Du Solei is like a carnival except with all people who do insane gymnastics and dances and shit in weird costumes). Too say the least it was fucking amazing! The whole thing blew my mind with all the flips and tricks they did through the air and the whole thing was portraying the evolution of man which was interesting to follow through the scenarios they did.

    After Cirque Du Solei we got Ihop which is always delicious and then we dropped off my grandma and went home. As we get home i'm showing my parents the pictures from everything and they were telling me my grandma said it was one of the best days of her life which is touching because she's getting old and there won't be a lot of good times left. I start to watch TV in the living room right next to the kitchen where we have a key rack right by the entrance. My step dad says something and the conversation goes like this.

    Dad: Who's key is this?
    Me: (I look at it and see a little phone with a key attached) It's probably one of beckys little toy phones
    Dad: No it's probably yours (Thought he was saying the toy was mine and tosses it to me, When I caught it I noticed it was a key for a car with the lock button in shape of a small phone)
    Me:Oh well I don't know who's key this is
    Dad:It's yours go look in the driveway!

    I walked outside with so much happiness knowing I got a car and step around the corner to see a White '03 yukon denali sitting there. I was ecstatic because our original plan was for me to split the cost of my car on my birthday (March 31st) and I was just going to get a ford explorer off craigslist that was older and had more miles. This was such a surprise to me and I'm still extremely happy because now I will have a couple thousand dollars saved up for gas money, This day just can't get any better.
  2. I hear that man, sometimes you just have those amazing days and you just want to tell everyone. I'm jealous man, I never took Drivers Ed. I waited till I turned 18 then took my permit test. but they make you wait 30 days after that to take your road test, so I can't even take mine until march 23rd. have fun with your new whip man
  3. Nice man! Enjoy that new ride homey!

    I'm envious of your day haha.
  4. Cirque is AMAZING. Any day with anything cirque related is a good day.

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