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  1. So, I just got back from a concert for a band called Pinback. It was awesome, and I was really close the stage; two people were in front of me.
    There were some obvious biddies (girls too young to be groupies) that forced their way to the front and were reaching for stuff that had been dropped on stage. one managed a pick that was dropped, and another a piece of paper with some writing on it. The microphone stand they were using had a beer holder on it, and Rob Crow was drinking a good amount. He had a cup in one, and a bottle in the other mic stand. anyways, the girls started drinking beer from the cup, even though they appeared to be about 14. I heard one pass the cup to another, and she denied it, but the one offering it said, "you have to!" and so she did. :cool:
    anyway, at the end of the show, Rob Crow says something along the lines of, "hey, and you! I don't know what the drinking age is for you, but stealing is wrong. I'm another human being, just like you. I am no different from any of the people here, and I worked my ass off tonight for you all to enjoy this. I don't like it when you steal, I wouldn't steal from you!" to which she responds
    "I'll buy you a shot" (as if that is the point) and he's like
    "fuck off!" before leaving the stage. everyone thought it was hilarious, and she was super embarrassed.
  2. Last concert I went to I hit the singer with my empty water bottle. I was at the back of the pit and was aiming for the crowd. Just goes to show how shit (or legendary?) my throwing is.

    Good thing he told those bitches off. He could have backwashed into that beer?

  3. hah, I don't know what to say about hitting the singer. Depending on who it was, that could either be a good or bad thing.

    He was mostly throwing the cup back rather quickly, but I do believe some of it dripped down his sweaty beard into the cup; sweat and all.
  4. Haha, I hope he has beard herpes then.

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