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  1. Out of all days that i leave my phone at home, my mom is staying home for the arrival of my sister from college. I even thought, "what if my mom goes through my phone?", because i had some marijuana related conversations with friends over the weekend. I mostly forget about it and come home to a serious-faced, 5'4", English Woman getting ready to interrogate me. "hmmm, are you smoking pot?" I then told her "a little bit". and she said " ohhh nooo, i looks more than a little bit." so i just said yeah i have been and told her the normal "its not as bad as _____..." and told her the fact that I'm not some burnout loser. Shes pretty upset even though its technically my 3rd time getting caught. i guess its my own fault for not deleting those messages :cool:.

    Do you guys think its at least a little messed up that she went through my phone?
    btw, yes I'm 18, a senior in high school and i live with my parents.
  2. dude my mom used to clean my room every couple day's, look though my phone, and smells my clothes when i used to come home. People tell you not to hate the hand that feeds you, well i wish i could take the food and shove it down her throat :hello:
  3. I believe it's don't bite the hand that feeds.


    If you're going to live in her house, and do illegal activities at least be smart about it. Out of sight, out of mind, remember?
  4. It sounds like she just loves you and cares about you, and has been misguided into thinking weed will hurt your life. I think you should just do a better job of keeping it low key.

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