Awareness is only a specific name of a specific inert process

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  1. Awareness is only a specific name of a specific inert process

    [FONT=&quot] When you see a pot, the light rays falling on the pot create an impression of the pot on the retina of your eye. The neuron cells in the nervous system transport this image to the brain. Here the pot, the light rays, the image, the brain, the nervous cells, the transportation of the image to the brain and the chemicals in the brain are entirely inert items.

    Now tell me which part of this entire process is called awareness? Awareness is only a specific inert work. On careful analysis there is nothing, which is not inert. All this entire process is taking place under systematic control of God. There is little freedom in selecting the object for seeing. But once the object is selected the entire process is under a specific set up and has no freedom or variation. Awareness is only a specific name of a specific inert process. Hence the entire human being is inert and is controlled by God completely.

    Even the little limited freedom of the human being is due to sanction of God only. Hence, the human beings are completely controlled by God and this is mentioned in Veda (Aatmeswaram). The Atman or Self is inert because God is the controller of the self of any human being. This Awareness or Self or Atman is imaginable inert item, which is a specific form of inert energy only. Thus, the self is imaginable item and is totally different from the unimaginable God who is its [/FONT]
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    ...IN YOUR OPINION. Answer this question: how do are you aware of the existence of something that is unimaginable?

    I guess it's time to kill myself, then, because if any of this garbage is true there is no point in living at all.

    Your teachings carry such kind revelations.

    On second thought, I know that what you are saying is completely wrong. You claim to like logic. Answer this question: if god controls us completely, then why do you need to convince me to do anything? If god wants me to do it, he will force me to. None of your teaching is even necessary if your thesis is true, and yet here you are. Thus, it's false.

  3. To recognize day, night should relatively exist. Similarly, to recognize the existence of unimaginable nature, relatively the imaginable nature must exist. If everything is unimaginable there is no significance of the very concept of unimaginable nature. Therefore, the world with imaginable items exists, so that the unimaginable nature of God can be recognized significantly through relativity.

    The real form of God is unimaginable as said in the Vedas and there is no question of seeing or talking or touching the God. The Gita also says that nobody can know God (Maamtu Veda Na Kashchana). Such unimaginable God cannot be said to have a form and cannot even be said to be formless. The Creator is beyond the creation, which is a four-dimensional network of space and time made up of with matter and energy. The creation contains both formless items like space, energy and air and also items with form like water, earth etc. If you say that God has form or that He is formless, then God becomes a part of the creation and not beyond the creation. The Veda says that no item in the creation including the pure awareness or life energy is God (Neti Neti…). But there are real devotees who have real love towards God and want to see, touch, talk with and live with God for no selfish advantage, either in this world or in the upper world. God, who has infinite kindness and infinite love, cannot reject such real love.
    God is omnipotent and can satisfy the desire of such real devotees and the real devotees are crying for the fortune of His vision, touch, conversation and living with God. God is capable and the devotees deserve. Nobody can put his finger between these two. To satisfy the real devotees, God comes in human form and all these four fortunes are blessed upon the real devotees.

    If God comes in the form of space or energy, which is formless or He comes in the form of statues, He cannot grant these fortunes. He can talk, touch and live with the devotees only when He comes in the human form. Only the human body can do such things as per the laws of nature. Nature is His creation and the laws of nature are the rules of His own administration. He will not violate these rules except in the case of inevitable emergency. Why should He use His special power (Maya) and talk, touch, or live with you in the form of space, energy or statues? When the purpose is served through the normal routine [following the laws of nature], why are you so rigid in insisting on an abnormal way?
  4. Awareness is unimaginable yes, it simply is
    Its not active, but its also not bland or inert
    I feel its magnificent

    When it comes to Awareness, one must leave aside the philosophy & dive into the experience of Awareness
  5. Awareness is a created item and is imaginable.
  6. Is perception and awareness not two different things.
  7. please show it to me then... take a photo of awareness and post it...

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