Awakening the third eye

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  1. that sounds absolutely terrifying.
  2. Well of course most people are naturally afraid of the experience of death. However, once it is faced in either a dream or reality, you are able to comprehend the vast expanse of the circle that life is. Understanding this gives you a leg up on life as if you have a personal mentor that guides you through the good and the bad, the highs and the lows.

    Cheers! Life ain't all that bad [​IMG]

  3. Listen for a high pitch sound in the center of your head. It´s not Tinnitus in my case at least. Focus on the highest frequency.

  4. the fat eye or as we lay people call the third eye is easily awakened listen to this guy Alan watts he can sure put you in aw with his truly intelligent experiences and sayings... if only my third aye can lead me to finding out how to make money or aiming me to where the treasure is you know illuminate me
  5. I went through a stage of trying to clean mine out and open it up. However life got in the way, and I pushed it aside. After reading a lot of different things, I'm thinking I might get back into it.

    I remember seeing things when I was doing the meditation. It was crazy what I would see. I would sometimes see imperfections about myself, but it was a graphic scene, scary in some way. (No I wasn't high at all)

    However I'm gonna try doing it now with weed to help.

    Main thing to help clean your pineal gland is diet. So if your serious, cut out the alcohol, bad foods and fluoride. Find a tooth paste that doesn't contain fluoride. Natural fluoride is good. Fluoride in water supply's, toothpaste and whatever else isn't. It's this fluoride that keeps the gland (can't think of the word I'm after, so I'll use something else) clogged and unable to be used.

    You know it's there when you start doing mediation and you can feel it
  6. No, natural fluoride and fluoride put in human products are the same thing. Also if something naturally has fluoride it's going to have a higher concentration that fluoride put into products.

    I think it's funny that these new age mysticism try and pinpoint enlightenment or whatever with a physical point in the body. Especially the pineal gland which all it does is regulate melatonin.

    "I've cleaned my pineal gland and now I'm a higher conscious being".

    No, you think you are and your mind plays tricks on you. Ever wonder why you see visions and shit while meditating? It's because your brain is very powerful and can produce natural hallucinations. I get these while during meditation and I've never "decalcified" my pineal gland.
  7. Your logic is flawed.
  8. Meditation and third eye awakening is the real deal. I'm trying to get myself able to afford the food to cleanse my body and change. Everybody that I have seen that has been enlightened are some of the happiest people I've ever seen !

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