Awakening the third eye

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  1. Anyone have any knowledge they would like to share about the third eye, and what it is all about?

    I had the craziest experience yesterday after attempting to awaken my third eye.

  2. How have you grown?
  3. My third eye is awake every morning.. It closes after I get up and pee.
  4. [quote name='"smokehound"']My third eye is awake every morning.. It closes after I get up and pee.[/quote]

    That's what I thought he meant ??
  5. I know this sounds unbelievable but the experience I had was that I had basically a vivid dream but while I was awake... My eyes were open and everything. I was so amazed.

  6. Perhaps that signified a time in our spiritual evolution, where we were established enough as a species to acquire it.
  7. I need to smoke what you're smoking....

    But on a serious note...please elaborate. You have peaked my interest.
  8. if you want to learn about the third eye read up on hinduism and shiva. i open my third eye by smoking or just being in the zone.
  9. "I was third eye blind so I bought a fifth, got drunk as shit and smoked a couple spliffs, now Im more lit than enlightenment" - Me Motha fuckas.


  10. I'm 100% sure getting drunk will not help you reach enlightenment, it sends you in the other direction on your spiritual journey.
  11. man. Just no.
  12. U should look into astral projection if u like the experience u had

  13. Im 100% sure the above statement is bullshit! No offence. I have experienced spirituality countless times drunk. Have you ever been drunk? The emotions tend to flow... issues arise, and a resolution is derived(sometimes). All answers are within oneself. Listen.


  14. Know man. Just Know.
  15. ......:smoke:
  16. It is real many wont believe.every one in legend like buddha, zezus etc knew it. even in ancient civilization like in egypt in prymid eye of horas seen same to pineal gland

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    Those who do not believe in magic will never find it.
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    theres a certain fungus forum where you will be better off bringing this topic up.

    more folks open minded to freethinking and abstract ideas there. less of the typical "oh its all new age bullshit" mindset

    its funny these potheads think theyre so open minded, yet they feel they have to shun any idea that isnt yet fully understood by science.

    keep in mind, before humans harnessed electricity, similar closed minded fools would have called that idea new age bullshit too. those are the kind of people who will never contribute anything to the advancement of our specie's knowledge
  19. Pineal gland excretion. The stuff dreams are made of... DMT, and your brain naturally produces this hormone to register active sleep cycles from vivid wakefulness. If you are caught between the parallel of lucidity/REM stage sleep, you may feel that your "dreams" are your active reality where you have ultimate and complete control over your enhanced visualization of the world around you. On the not so brighter side, you may fall into a "night teror" which is like being in a waking coma that you have no willpower to escape. I've had very few of these and it is called sleep paralysis. Scariest shit you can ever go through and still wake up from. It is much like being buried alive in a casket, and you have no escape or way to get out, but you scream and scream nonetheless in attempts to wake up.

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