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awakend in the early morning?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by the rainman!, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. i was just woke up by my wife at 5:30 ,my daughter called she is in labor, " i am going to be a grand pa" again soon ! i dont know if any words have made me any happier! new years well have to wait ,this baby is going to be frist in are book ! wish us luck !good luck tazz11
  3. congrats rainman!!! let us know how everything goes :)
  4. Way to go, Tazz!!! That's such exciting news! You're going to be a great grandpa!
  5. Congrats Tazzy my man!

    As my 2 daughters are rapidly into their teen years, the "grandpa" thought has crossed my mind several times.
    I can wait. Until they're about 30 yrs. old or so, then they can start dating, and who knows where it will go from there!:)

    Congrats again Grampa! Best wishes for a New Year to you, the whole clan, and the new arrival!
  6. its a healthy baby girl! i know what my wifes face is going to look like tonight when she gets home ,a smile 3 genagations deep in love and kindness! thanks ,i have to think up some new ways to spoil this one, LOL ! i am 3 times a granpa now ! where dose the time go ! up in smoke ,na ! good luck tazz11
  7. congrats tazz, btw, how's everything going with your grow operation and what not? are you going to start to grow a new batch or what?
  8. i dont grow pot ! thats illegal,now tomato's is where its at ,dude, but for some reason i just cant get them to make any tomato's at all ! crop after crop the same damn thing whats a guy to do ,i guess i'll just have to brun them and try again ! LOL i was thinking it was the strain of tomato so i am trying 9 strains this time ,i even got these rare tomato i think the guy called them PR tomato's ,so maybe this time they well make me happy, very happy by the looks they are going to be the bigist yeilding tomato's yet ! i hope i have lots of baggys around to keep them in ! they are best fresh ,you know ! may be i should some day try growing some of that pot stuff ,iam sure haveing a hell of time growinmg these damn tomato's ! LOL ,good luck the tomatoman !
  9. kewl, make sure you smoke him out for his 4th or 5th b-day!!!!
  10. 4th or 5th, that way way way way to young!
  11. a day late as usual....congratulations gramps!

    is that the SAME jesus? eeek.

  12. HIGH All, tazz11 me I'd go without for awhile...but that's me.

    I got parinoid when I thought the Nephew told his Mom let alone the LEO coming right inside my house.

    Oh ya Congrats on the Granpa scene again "Gran Pa".

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