Discussion in 'General' started by wildc@rd, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. Calling out to Civilisation. Are you receiving this transmission? Can you hear me? This is a general all hands S.O.S ..

    By eck, it's quiet in here.... Am I honestly the only one who's logged on at this ungodly time of night. I feel the need to talk, and if you believe the wisdom expounded by BT during several adverts, both televisual and media based you'll know that:


    Come on Folks, i'm high as a kite, am not coming down for a while and am in dire need of puting an end to my bizarre posts on Grasscity. Just between you and me, I just had a casual glance over some of the posts I've submitted during tonights on-line extraveganza and some of it is out there. If it wasn't for the fact that I already know I need the personal assistance of a dedicated psychiatric trained doctor I would book myself into the funny farm toot sweet....

    Anyhoos neighborinos, who's out there? Is there anybody out there? Talk to me before I get bored and start surfing for hardcore porn. It only ends in self abuse.... you have the power.

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