Awake for 48 hours - An experiment

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  1. Ive been awake now for just under 18 hours. Not much, right? Well yeah I'm planning on staying up 48 hours.

    Some people may say staying up for 48 hours is nothing, but I'm going to be smoking marijuana and drinking beers tomorrow. My friend seems to think if you're sleep deprived and you start drinking beer you get super drunk off a small amount, or you'll get super high off small hits of weed, etc.

    I'm a little sceptical so I told him Im going to stay up thursday night, into friday morning, then drink and smoke as much as I can later that afternoon and see if it really pushes me over the edge in terms of being 'wrecked'

    To be honest, I don't think this is going to make me any more high or drunk but Im going to report back and tell you guys what happened. wish me luck ;)
  2. I remember once being up for 32 hours, smoking doesn't really do anything besides give you strong urges to just pass out and you don't want to move. Drinking I agree with your friends, IMO I got much more fucked up then I normally would over the same amount of vodka.
  3. You do feel more intoxicated from already being not at 100% consciousness. I wouldn't really classify it as more fun.

    The alcohol will likely put you to sleep.
  4. ive done this. its really pointless and your just tired as fuck after the 48 hrs.
  5. yea doing this will just make you pass out. if you want to have fun while staying awake, just stay up for like 5 days and do it sober or maybe just a little bit of weed to make it better. you'll trip out and hallucinate, granted you'll feel like hell but it's worth the experience lol
  6. I don't see the point in this experiment. You are depriving yourself of sleep and getting really wasted and high in the process. That doesn't sound healthy.
  7. Sounds awful. Whenever I stay up for two days, I'm already giggly and simultaneously pissed off, stumbling, and my body feels more like shit the longer I go on. In other words, sleep deprivation kinda does the same thing to me as alcohol. You might get more fucked up without drugs and alcohol if you just sleep two hours a night for a couple weeks.
  8. The longest i have ever been awake is 55 hours, it gets pretty fucked up the longer you stay awake. You just start feeling more and more out of touch with reality, esp if you smoking. Its pretty cool :). You get really baked to. Enjoy it mate, but dont go for too long. It can fuck with your body :). You also get these random hallucinations if you go long enough xD.
  9. I just woke up from sleeping after beong a wake for 36. Not that hard. I smoked like 4 times after being up 24 of those hours. But ya I stay up for prolonged time salot I think I have insomnia, or i'm a crackhead
  10. Eeeek. Sleep deprivation is fun to experiment with, after 48 hours I started getting a bit crazy. Really edgy and weird thoughts.
  11. Ya I've stayed up for like 44 hours or some shit and it was almost like I was buzzing. Likes eriously a completely whack state of mind. "slap happy"
  12. Dead for 48 hours - an experiment. Oh wait...
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    I stayed up for three days after taking four unmentionables. I agree with the hallucinations. Lots of thinking people were looking at me, and seeing random objects moving in my peripheral vision.
  14. Not sleeping and drinking will make you more drunk. Your body is in recovery stage and your nervous system is in shock from the lack of sleep. Then you drink alcohol and are basically making a great recipe for a coma.

    How can anyone think going without sleep is fun? Man when I can't sleep the next day is awful. Grouchy, irritable, restless, nerves are wacky, brain fuzz, weak body and muscles. Wouldn't you want to have a good time partying? lol. But on a serious note don't drink too much unless you plan on suicide. Your body is very vulnerable with that amount of lack of sleep and it will be easy to kill yourself.
  15. happens when im having a few nocturnal type days, i'm really overtired but my mind isn't at that stage due to some substances, my body on the otherhand will sometimes decide its too tired and shut down on me-resulting in me passing out even though in my head i'm ready to go. sucks
  16. i was up for over 80 hours once

    talk about full blown audio and visual hallucinations. I saw the jigsaw puppet sitting in the back seat of my friends car towards the end of the 80 hours


    The tree limbs were also moving and waving at me like there was a hurricane but there wasn't even a breeze outside

    sleep deprivation fucks with you
  17. I've been up now for 30ish hours. My eyes burn and its still another 4-5 hours till I start drinking..

    Smoking weed while sleep deprived doesn't make you higher, just makes you crash and burn out faster.

    Lets see how the alcohol works... Back in 5+ hours.
  18. At least hes doing it for experimental purposes. *wink wink*
    EDIT: Oh and everyone talking about these visuals damn. Maybe I should try this once. I've never had visuals or anything. I mean doing it once can't really harm you or anything.

  19. Well jeez, I havent seen any hallucinations but it would be badass. The longest I've ever stayed up was 36 hours so reaching for 48 is going to be a big jump.

    The bright white screen of Grasscity is killing my eyes -____-

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