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  1. To avoid the harmful smoke that comes from marijuana, what do you suggest? Im educated on edibles and vapes but are there any other types of alternatives.

  2. there's really no other way except eating and vaping..
  3. I know of other ways, but GC mods won't let me post them.
  4. There's tinctures ?

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  5. Tea, but that could be a edible I suppose. Pretty much vape and edible, you can get creative with the second one if you're bored of firecrackers.
  6. There are no boundaries for what you can do with edibles. You can get medicated on a ham sandwich or even a mudcake if you're ready to put effort into it.
  7. You can make jolly ranchers too
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    Better for people those who want to free themselves from cigarettes,they will have to deprogram themselves.Its be successfully,people  will need to examine themselves objectively and then identify and apply practices and tips that correspond to their personality which  will help through risky situations.
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