Avoiding the police officers

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by anarkin, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. I was out walking the town with a friend, blazing as we went.. we had just finished work and had nothing better to do. We go downtown and get stopped at a train. We cashed our bowl in a intersection where the traffic was all waiting for the train. 2 cars up we realize is a cruiser, the cops inside just glaring at us...

    We were coming up to my favorite store... but the cops are also right in front of it. The cops got a call and looked at their radio, we slipped into the glass shop and ended up buying a sick blue bong for my friend. (no pics cause it's not my glass) It stands on about 45% angle and looks like a cannon.. hits like a cannon too. Anyways, we go back outside after a few minutes of looking at all the other glass and the cops are no where to be seen. We saw the same cops pulling an old lady over downtown... Then I went to munch on some loaded cheese fries (fries, bacon, onion, ranch dressing) smoke a couple more bowls and headed home. just blazed a fat fucking wake and bake and feeling damn good.
  2. Damn, I should be getting a co-op job around Ingersoll soon. Cami to be exact.

  3. haha, I can see cami from my backyard, now that I've actually semi got my shit together, I could probably start venturing out to London on my days off, I know there's alot of forest city tokers on here I could blaze with :smoke:

    Edit: also eric, I'm guessing by your avatar that your into London's punk scene, I've been to a couple shows... Maybe we've already met.
  4. I like punk, but London doesnt have a punk scene. The majority of the concerts are emo bands with names like "bleed for me" and "as I lay dying". That kind of music doesnt interest me at all. Occasionally a good punk band will stop into town, but as for a scene, there is none, that I am aware of at least.

  5. Hey,

    that was a good lil story, i hate seeing crusers.

    I'm a old school punk thats not old, and i love nothing more than u.k. punk, i was wondering if i were to wonder over to england where is the biggest punk scene there.

    I'm in Edmonton and we have a spot ontop of west ed mall, were people like to gather, only been their once though.
  6. Fuck Eric, that's exactly what I thought too. I work with a drummer who just got back from a tour, plays in The Stiff Wires (The Homolka's/Societal Hemmorage) I geuss it wouldn't really be a scene, but I've gone to a few of the shows and they're good, definatly not emo.
  7. Avoiding cops is tricky. Radar detectors help, but even more so, if you can find one, is a radio that listens in on police frequencies. I believe these are legal in some, if not most places. Getting one of these can give you a heads up on if cops are coming to your location, and give you a very effective head start to get out of there.

    Also, keep your car quiet. A broken or ricer muffler is just asking for attention that we just don't need.

    When driving around, I can usually spot a cop from a good distance, or slow down for the spots that I know they like to hide in, so I can usually at least avoid getting pulled over for speeding, but that's kinda besides the point for this thread.

  8. When im driving around with any weed on me or a piece with residue. i follow every traffic sign no matter how gay it is. if im the one driving i actually go slower then the speed limit (not too much only 3-5 miles below if that) so i dont ever give a reason to get pulled over... :smoking:

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