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Avoiding shock from humidity dome to veg room?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by sling, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. Every time I take a seedling out of the humidity dome for a few minutes (call it 5 to 10), the leaves all curl up real bad, and in some cases those leaves have died. This really happens bad when I move one out for good and put it in a pot.

    Any ideas on how to keep that from happening? The moving air due to fans and what not is kind of unavoidable however the temps are the same....just dryer air.
  2. Of course, just mist her :cool:

  3. I tried that last night when I moved one out into a real pot and it seemed to help. She looked ok this morning....didn't leaver her 100% unaffected but she didn't curl up so bad that she's going to drop leaves.
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    Are your clone/veg lights on 24/0 or 18/6? If 18/6 remove her(we hope) from humidity dome just before bedtime. Why do you start seedlings under humidity dome? Really low humidity? Mist them when pulled out of dome as tm said, and mist next few day if neccessary. Don't keep under humidity dome for too long, because prolonged exposure in near 100% RH can cause rot.
  5. I have to use the dome just to get 50% humidity. I move a lot of air into and out of the closet so the mom/veg chamber inside there gets really dry air to begin with. I get 25% in the box and 50% in the dome.

    The little indica I moved last night looked ok this morning before the lights went out. I'll check her again tonight when they come on and see how we did. They are on 24 hrs of light in the mom/veg rooms.

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