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Avoiding munchies weight gain when I use grass medically?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Doingfine, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. So, marijuana has saved me from the insomnia I once suffered. I have a psychiatrist, I've done a sleep study, I was recommended marijuana by the doctor and it works- I now use it almost everyday and it's improved my quality of life so much. However, I've also gained 15 lbs. I'm still at a healthy weight but I haven't figured out how to control my nighttime eating and I fear gaining more. Any tips? Would y'all say that it's better to eat less during the day to make up for eating at night, or would I perhaps get fewer cravings if I consumed more of my regular calories during the day? I really can't go back to sleeping 3 hours a night, I'm only 20 and I've tried every other sleep solution that my doctors know of, quitting smoking isn't a simple option for me. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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  2. Simply a matter of self control. Stop standing in front of the open fridge and grazing like a cow in a field of long grass. :)
    Eat normal amounts at normal times and don't snack between. I've used cannabis for over 40 years and my weight hasn't changed more then 15 lbs in all that time. Still within 10 lbs of my high school weight.
    Skip dessert and that second helping for a couple of months and you'll shed that 15 extra pounds soon enough. Cutting 500 calories per meal will shed a pound a week on average

  3. Definitely fair enough, and I'm a person who's weight has always fluctuated greatly and naturally over time, so I know I'm capable of losing the weight efficiently once I have the time and energy for it. Part of my problem is even when I weighed 105 lbs, I got most of my calories from snacking, so it's hard to resist now. But I'll definitely keep what you've said in mind.
  4. Munchies and tipple are my struggle.
    I do win most of the time, but not always.
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    I know what you mean.
    Quitting smoking is really not easy, especially if you have been smoking for a long time.
    Personally I lost weight because I started to eat breakfast much later than usual, sometimes it went to an extreme and my first meal started at about 5 - 6 pm.
    Of course this is how the stress manifested itself, and as soon as I woke up immediately did all the things, and then as all done could reward myself with breakfast and sit down and quietly eat.
    But I do not advise to try such a rigid method.
    Try to eat breakfast a little later than usual, also good helps fractional meals, eat many times a day, in small portions, I advise you to give up eating 2-4 hours before bedtime, it will help relieve the stomach.
    A special appetite suppressant (go here) will help to reduce the volume of the stomach.
    So I heard that many help interval hunger, but I have not tried it, I think it is too hard measures since I do not have much weight.
    But my friends have tried and liked this method, they say that interval fasting helps relieve not only the stomach and body in general, but the mind, I do not know how much of it is true.
    But I think that someday I myself will try this method.
  6. Try a THCV strain. THCV is an appetite suppressant.

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