Avoiding eating with the munchies?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by marijuanagirl, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Random question I've always wondered about.
    If I got high, and got the munchies, and didn't eat and let myself go hungry, would I lose more weight? Is it an illusion of hunger induced by the weed or does the weed actually make your body need food?? I'm sure I worded this weirdly, but if anyone can answer the best they can - this Q has been itching me for a while.
  2. This is a good question. I have no expertise other than my love for food. I doubt the hunger is due to an increased metabolic rate, its more of an "eating feels good and things taste better when high" thing. My suggestion is to try your best to have some self control and just drink water. It'll be hard, especially if you're around a lot of food, so try to smoke with other people who don't mind just drinking water.
  3. If you want to lose weight or something, exersize and eat regularly and healthy.... weed won't help you, it's used to make people GAIN weight, it just makes food, sex, and other enjoyable things more enjoyable.
  4. I used to avoid eating when I had the munchies. Now I just try to keep it to healthy foods. Plus, fruit is so tasty and juicy when your high.
  5. It won't necessarily make you lose weight, but it will help you not to gain any. I don't really know the science of it, but I know that everytime you smoke you usually get the munchies. If you smoke a lot you'll get hungry a lot and probably eat a lot. I think it speeds up your metabolism or something. So I guess you might lose some weight if you don't eat and metabolism is a little faster. I trained myself to not get the munchies, I was smoking so much, I couldn't have afforded to eat everytime I smoked. But then I took a couple weeks off and the munchies were back.
  6. I wasn't looking to make an active effort to lose weight, I already eat pretty healthy and I'm confident at the weight I'm at now.
    I suppose a big tip off for the answer to that question is that I've smoked for 4 years and haven't gained any weight, in fact, I've lost, even when I did eat crap all the time.
    Smoke weed everyday!!!
  7. It just makes an illusion of hunger.Ive eating so much from getting high that ive thrown up for liek 25 whole mins. Do what I do. Pick healther foods to eat while you get the munchies such as apples,pears,carrots, fruits and veggies mainly and occasionally pig out cause your body needs that sometimes.
  8. It's just your brain telling your body that you are hungry. You won't harm yourself by not eating, but you won't lose any more weight than you would otherwise.
  9. ACTUALLY, weed is a stimulant and does increase your heart rate. So I would assume it increases your metabolic rate as well. I heard smoking a J is equivalent to taking a brisk walk around the block (could 100% BS).

    I'm no scientist, but using deductive reasoning I would say yes, you lose more weight by smoking a J and not eating as opposed to being sober and not eating. The key thing though is not to eat when stoned, which is very hard to do LOL
  10. Whoa. I'm getting alot of mixed answers here. Some think the weed makes you think you're hungry, others thing it raises metabolic rate thus making you hungry, and variations on the two.
    I don't know what to think!
  11. Think what you wanna think baby!
  12. I think science will answer this question.

    TO GOOGLE!!!
  13. Just because your metabolic rate increases doesn't necessarily mean you'll be hungrier (by this account you'll be starving after a little jog). Smoking weed does something somewhere in the brain that makes you hungrier/food amazing while also increasing your heart rate. So, if you can get over the mental bump and stop yourself from eating you'll benefit weight wise (according to my logic) :rolleyes:
  14. Smoke everday or very often for a while, a year or 2, you'll basically only be hungry when you're high.

    That'll help you lose weight...

    But um, to answer your question, I think it does make you hungry, but that's based solely on opinion

  15. If you're digesting food faster you're going to be hungrier sooner...If I'm missing something fill me in please :p

    But yeah it speeds up your metabolism. It makes you hungrier overall and makes food taste like heaven, which leads to bloating and stomach aches unfortunately, since you can't tell when to stop sometimes.
  16. im reasonably sure i did some reading up on this and yeah weed doesnt increase ur metabolic rate or anything. but eating is so good when ur high. i think i usually go for unhealthy munchies because they are easy and i get very lazy when baked, so i try put in the effort n make something on the cleaner side, do this a few times and u see its not really that hard and bamn, you get into the habit of healthy munchies

    this worked for me anyway
  17. ok, well i can't say i'm any professional, but i am overweight i know this, but when i don't eat when i get the munchies i actually do lose weight, but i am overweight, no idea if you are or not
  18. Lollipops are great....they take a while to finish (keep your mouth busy), come in all types of crazy flavors, and are not too unhealthy.

    If I have terrible munchies, one tootsie roll pop can get me through it without totally killing my high.

  19. agreed :smoking:
  20. I actally lose weaight normally because ill get the munchies, but i wolnt eat because i know it is just a joke my mind is playing on my body, but then some times i really am hungry, then i just ignore it because i think its the weed talking. But i can spare some pounds, so its better than worse :D

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