Avoiding coming down tiredness?

Discussion in 'General' started by BathtubGin, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Everyone here I'm sure is familiar with the feeling of coming down. You start to lose your buzz, and then in my case, I either fall asleep or am just BEAT.

    So does anyone have any methods of avoiding the tiredness of coming down?

    I've heard exercising does the trick, but I'm not too sure about that.

  2. I have heard exercise helps as well. I have to admit that if I need to get out of that funk I will do chores around the house. But the best thing to do is to just take another toke. If I have the liberty to smoke I'll just take a hit to knock it right out.
  3. Of course dude... a cigarette and a cup of coffee. That's the classic atleast.

    You can substitute with the obvious. My personal favorite is to roll a big ole spliff with tobacco mixed in and drink a red bull or something that gives you a kick.

    Exercise too, you lazy stoner. Heh.
  4. yes. exercise. i looove exercising high. and of course taking another toke. just smoke til you are ready to go to bed and you will sleep great!
  5. Exercising high?? doesnt that kill your whole buzz?? Whenever I'm blazed and get really energetic or start something athletic, i notice my buzz is gone in like 20 min..
  6. nah, not at all, i just get in the zone. my time perception gets really fucked up when i'm high so i can be on the bike for 30 minutes and not even notice.
  7. nothing works as good as a quick nap imo. Even if it is only for a half hour when i wake up i feel completely refreshed and ready for the rest of the day.
  8. i'm all about whatever energy drink i can get my hands on.. and dr. pepper.. a whole lotta dr pepper
  9. Cocaine and Methaphetamine, Homie.
  10. vault.... not sure if it's be released nationally or not, it's a new energy drink by Coke...even though it's totally shitty for your health... i bought it and read it as i began to wake up, i was shocked normally energy drinks don't do anything for me 'cept make my stomach hurt.... it gives a normal amount of carbs/sugars..then gives the amount in vault....it's TWICE AS DAMN MUCH... i probably had 50% blood 50% sugar in my veins haha
  11. yeah its been released nationaly and its so damn good. "drinks like a soda, kicks like an energy drink" lol
  12. yeah man, i had to tell myself, this is the only time i'm drinking it... one of the guys at the apt wouldn't let me go to sleep and i had to work the next day, it was necessary

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