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    What are career paths/ work opportunities that do not follow the 9-5 lifestyle everyday grind?
    Something I'm thinking of is owning my own apartment building to rent out obviously.

  2. do u mean as a superintendent? if its a nice buildign they may pay well, but i think most people who work in small apts as super just get free rent, something to consider, you could breed animals maybe? i sold fifteen cockatiels for 500$ once i could have gotten 1000$ they are like small parrots
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    Superintendent? More like landlord/owner of an apartment building, maybe 7-12 units to start.
  4. Harry: I can't believe we drove around all day, and there's not a single job in this town. There is nothing, nada, zip!
    Lloyd: Yeah! Unless you wanna work forty hours a week.
  5. yeah that sounds liek a good idea. one thing is find good tenants im sure u know this but last place i lived had some really trash ppl move upstairs and they were a total disturbance everyday the landlord was this brown fellow who was a police detective. he was a terrible lanbdlord, didnt do a thing, there was also mold, and broken outlets, flooding, total worst place i ever lived and the owner laughs and did nothing also he tried to make us leave before the lease was up...the ppl he had move in upstairs were crackheads, now this is my warning avoid these ppl, they stole all the blinds didnt pay hydro (stealing my share and causing brownouts) or rent, they got away with it somehow when they left the man Abe was fraking out trying to get money from me for bills he never paid, meet everyone who moves in! and kick out fuckers not on the lease, liek that fool upstairs wasnt on the lease fucking crackhead and his bearded wife n fat kids, see how its affected me, LOL.
    I hear you man I plan on being a good landlord, picking good tenants and listening to complaints. I'm also good with money so fixing problems shouldn't be a problem. I just need to learn the laws and get the paperwork.
  7. Nice idea, do you have the capital to own your own apt building already? 
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    Applied for a credit card to start building credit so I can take out a mortgage.
  9. thats great dude im glad to hear it! my younger brother plans on having his own pool company and i do personal training and want to get a fitness class in the park together for spring, if you keep learning about housing im sure you will have the know how to find loans or do whatever it takes, even if you have to geta business partner , get investors or whatever keep at it.
  10. stocks will make u millions then leave u flat broke in a matter of months
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    That would be freakin sick. I'm jonesing to grow weed as it is, but make bank off of it? Sheeit. Damn anti-cannabis lobbying, waiting for medical to pass in Florida. Currently there is no place that I would like to live that I could grow weed for money legally.

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