Avg Male Sleeps With 6 Females

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  1. Does that hold any truth... i'm 19 & i've slept with 14 girls and counting..
    Is that bad?

  2. How can being above the average man bad? Also who's counting anyway
    Your sig is so funny
  4. If the number of people you've slept with is more than your age, you a hoe. Haha
  5. slept with 2 girls so far. i know i know. i'm a slut.  
  6. Thank God im 27. Phew. Barely made it.
  7. Thank God im 27. Phew. Barely made it.
    Your a dude?
  8. Hell no.
  9. Hell no.
    Ohh, you were answering the other question. My bad lol.
  10. I'm a female, 31, and have been with probably between 15 and 20 guys. I've lost count. I really don't think that's bad considering I haven't had any long term relationships.

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  11. I have slept with about 20 females give or take. That's including the hookers too :)
  12. Ewww, get out of here.
  13. nice OP. I'm 18 and I've only fucked three girls. getting girls hasn't really been my number one priority but my number will increase dramatically once school starts in the Fall
  14. In his lifetime? I'm about half that I'm not even 25 yet smh.
  15. Why would this be bad? It's a fact. Fact's don't hurt us they help
    But who is this relevant to? What age group? What time frame between partners and what not?
    Depending on the person who is say, average, would 6 be way too much?
    I would hope not because I'm pretty sure a lot of people here are over that limit..
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    Not unless they become pregnant - child support's a bitch unless you got lil wayne type $
    Wrap up jimmy
  17. Im 21 only done 4 chicks so far.
  18. I'm 19 and am halfway there. Plus just lost my v-card on my birthday, so number may go up a lot or just one.

    Who knows, got a lot of living to do.
  19. Per week, right?  :cool:  B)
  20. Who knows, got a lot of living to do.

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