averages in yield and plant space

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  1. As a newcomer can somebody explain to me on average how many plants I should put under each 400w or 600w light to gain atleast 4 cured ounces per plant? Thankyou
  2. Sorry yes i should of mentioned hps and thankyou
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    Lol, I wouldn't be clicking that link mate.....even if it isn't going to automatically fill your laptop with malware, its still utter bollocks.
    Rule of thumb is 100 watt for the 1st plant, then a min of 50 watt for the rest......way better to have more though. 
    I have 4 under each 600 watt HPS....seems to work well for me, but I'm using 10 gall pots, so I guess you could go smaller and have 6 or 8 under each 600....if you are looking to get 4 oz per plant, then 4 under a 600 is probably the maximum. 
    But it all comes down to a multitude of other factors too bro, nutes, temps, strain, pot size, and experience.....I wouldn't start off expecting 4 oz per plant, just be happy if you can keep them all alive to harvest first time around. :)
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