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Average Yield per Plant

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Quickbeam, Mar 8, 2005.


What is your average dried bud per plant? (NOT SCROG)

  1. 1-15 grams

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  2. 16-20 grams

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  3. 21-25 grams

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  4. 26-30 grams

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  5. 31-35 grams

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  6. 36-40 grams (Please share your setup with me =) )

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  7. 41-45 grams "

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  8. 46+ grams "

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  1. 3 Orange Bud plants which were hampered with a hot summer yeilded be 4 oz = 113g = 38g / plant, and I only grew them for clones.

    Seems like growing and yeilds get better with time and practise!
  2. Nice figures but it says nothing, Is it dry weight? what lights does everyone use, what kind off plants?

    50 gramms a plant under a 600 Watt looks nice if you have 10 plants under it (500 gramms dry) If you have only 2 plants under a 600 Watt then its really low and you can improve you're growing. so please add the following items

    nr of Watts
    nr of plants
    kind of nutricion
    type off plants

    when this is known (and nobody is lying) then everybody can do something with it.

    I have white PP
    10 plants under a 600 Watt (philips Son-t)
    grow 5 days
    flower 8 weeks
    nutrinova A+B
    average 47 gramms a plant (dry) in winter, autumn.
    average 40 gramms a plant (dry) in summer, spring)
  3. waitin on my shit to dry then i will post my results per plant,no of plants,watts,nutes,type etc.
  4. that was me :eek:
  5. lol
  6. :D

    average for me at the momment in coco under 600w is 80gs a plant with the main cola averaging around 30g...
  7. umm well... you need more options in there.. i get about 400-500g per plant of #1 colas then the bottom buds i sell off.. so thats per plant.. so i dono what u guys are usin? 4 1000w hps in hydro.. for me... and i dont ever see less than 400 per plant. maybe you need a hookup for a nice strain.

    i only grow

    White Shark x juciy fruit

    white rhino x g13 hashplant

    blueberry x bubbleberry

    each 400+ min.

    may i also ask how big u get your plants? becuase that seems a bit low for 600w ... 600 with 10 plants u get 200+ if you use HPS... so im a bit confused :(
  8. You use 4000 watts on your plants? That would look a little suspicious on the electricity bill wouldn't it?

  9. You are talking out side yields there...well for me you are..can i see pics of your plants and grow room please...Can you also tell me about your set up and ferts....
  10. This is a link to a grow journal....Age is a very good grower and has been growing for 20 years...he knows what he is doing...This outside plant of his is ww..He is happy with the yield of 4520gs...standing over 6ft wide and 6ft tall i find it very hard to beleave you yield the same of indoor plants...i will have to see it to beleave it...

  11. not only that a huge waste of power too...should keep to 600w of hps when using multiple lights..

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