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Average Yield per Plant

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Quickbeam, Mar 8, 2005.


What is your average dried bud per plant? (NOT SCROG)

  1. 1-15 grams

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  2. 16-20 grams

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  3. 21-25 grams

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  4. 26-30 grams

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  5. 31-35 grams

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  6. 36-40 grams (Please share your setup with me =) )

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  7. 41-45 grams "

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  8. 46+ grams "

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  1. What would you say your average yield of dried bud per plant is (in grams)? I would be interested in hearing your setup and personal bests too, feel free to tell.

    NOTE: Not for SCROG growers (nothing personal, but it would skew results)
  2. 5 Northern Lights at 30+ grams each i didn't have my sacle back then but the heaviest plant weighed 41 grams when we weighed it so maybe around 190 grams
    under 2 900wt HPS
  3. Hey Godfly, I know you are pretty experienced with growing, do you think a 175 MH would be enough for 5 plants?
  4. Yeah, I am looking into a 400 watt HPS, does anyone know if the plants will be stressed significantly switching from a 175w MH during veg to a 400w HPS during flower? I figure if I have these two separate grow spaces, I can get a harvest every two months, speeding up the turnaround significantly.
  5. Dead on. That's not just your theory, it's a fact. Generally, plants can only grow as large as their root system. This is less applicable if the plant is supported by other means. and by that i mean, if the plant is tied up or wire is placed around it to actually support its weight.

    One of the functions of roots is to provide an anchor into the ground. If the anchor is not as large as the plant, it would get blown out of the ground by the wind. If you had a 10 foot sail on a boat, you would never assume that a few strands of twine would keep it tied to the mast.

    Yield does depend on a lot of variables as stated above. You can usually find avg yield for each strain when buying seeds online. If it's bagseed, then it's anyone's guess.
  6. there is what is called 'root to shoot' ratio.

    and it can be tested in the lab using various gadgets on what each spp of plants require for optium growing ratio.

    so its not just ur 'theory'.

    i have found that a 3 gal pot grows a nice 2 ft tall indica...but 3ft tall is pushing it for a 3 gal bucket...
  7. AN 2+ nutrient program will get you up to 2+ pounds per 1000 watt HID light.

    Good Kannabis Growing!

  8. they'll be fine, i've used a 150MH and then switched to a 400HPS with good reults...........even better to use both combined for the veg and then use the HPS for flowering..........Peace out...........Sid
  9. sid, i've seen u on here for a while, and u have some very good tips for growing, i was just wondering how much u avg. a week in terms of yield

  10. per week?........lol, i wish.........na mate i don't grow too many plants, only for myself and my mates, maybe 3-4 grows a year, i'm going to do an outdoor this year, which will be hard due to lack of sun here...........Peace out.......Sid
  11. Love to see that Grow Journal Sid...:)
  12. where have all of IGF's posts gone?? has she bin banned? cos "new salvia" quoted her..but her original post isnt there??
  13. That is weird...
  14. i have that same setup and i dont have a problem with the switch. Athough my wattages arnt what yours are. I run a 250 watt hps. Somthing you can do to insure success is raise your hps lamp for the first week or so until the plants can get used to the more intense light. Good luck and happy growing

  15. back to the post...

    46 +grms for me....cant beleave some people ticked 1-15grms..lol.
  16. 46+ but my setup is not really in this.
  17. My first grow yeilded about 42 grams (1.5 oz) per plant. See if I ever use 3 gallon buckets for flower anymore . . . and all short on soil as well lol.

    Live and learn.

  18. I just finished a grow journal of three AK99 ladies in 4 gal pots that yielded 247 grams for an avg. of 82.3 grams or 2.9 ounces per plant. So all in all I have 8.8 ounces from all three. I grow under a 400w switchable ballast.
  19. I'm in the lightweight category here but my 12 plants made me about 8 ounces so about 20gms / plant.

    It was my first grow and I'm as proud as punch about it, even though my yeild is about half that of the more experienced growers here.

    One thing I learned (apart from patience) is that there's nothing quite like smoking you're own shit!
  20. 8-10g. SOG @ 4plants per sqft. 800w MH/HPS. soilless in 3qt pots.

    they 'veg' under 175w MH

    currently making some changes for a better yeild, should get ~ 15-20g per plant in the near future.


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