Average yield per plant grown hydroponically?

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  1. Is 2 to 2 1/2 ounces per plant unreasonable if I give them good nutrients? I'm running all cfl light by the way. I really thought hydro systems boosted the yield of the plant no matter what type. Thanks on advance.
  2. Need more info bro, but 2 ounces a plant is very do-able. How many true watts of light are you running? How is the placement of the bulbs? Remember CFLs are best closest to the bulb without actually touching it.
  3. I have around 350-375 actual watts of cfl about 2 and a half inches from the tops of the plants. I have general hydroponics nutrients but was thinking about getting the technaflora recipe for success kit. I'm lining the walls with Mylar tomorrow to gain more light power on the plants. Any suggestions?
  4. Hydro boosts yeild if everything else is equal. So if you were to grow 2 plants side by side, one in soil and one in water, the hydro would most likely produce more.

    CFLs arent as efficient but you can get decent grows. You may need to be creative in pruning and LST to get the most light to the most places.

    I wouldnt get my hopes up of much over 2oz a plant and thats if you grow a single. Once you start more plants, CFLs lose efficiency fast since they lose lumens quickly over distance and you would need more total wattage in more bulbs than a single HID would supply you.

    I started with 1 150W HPS, added another for 300 total watts. Then went 400W all in one Sunburst and now I upgraded to a 400W remote digital in a cool tube and it has done wonders with all other things the same.

    Good luck with your grow, its very addicting!
  5. One Meellion pounds...:smoke:

  6. Really? Honestly I figured 2 ounces isn't really that much. What nutrients do you use and do you know any other ways to boost yields without having to change all my lights?Thanks for all the info
  7. Most plants are rated at 2-4oz nominal for indoor soil, 6 week veg, top once, and 1000W.

    Lots of people get lots more by more veg time and more pruning like I did on my NL#5. It vegged almost 8 weeks and topped a lot, 12 mains I think. It yeilded 6 oz total, 3 in cola bud and 3oz in popcorn/trim that made killer hash and butter. That was with the 2 150W systems.

    I use Dutch Master Advanced, not the Gold line. Advanced Nutrients are supposed to be the bee's knees, but I havent used up everything I have yet and they are a bit more expensive. I also use GH KoolBloom Liquid, KoolBloom Dry, and Florilicious plus during flower to help fatten in the end.

    I wasnt trying to discourage you in any way. I just dont want to give you an over inflated estimate and then when you dont acheive it, you may get bummed. Go into it looking to grow the best thing you can with what you have. Maybe change or tweak something each grow to see how you can maximize it.

    I didnt use any ripeners or bushmaster my first grow and that NL got crazy. I used Bushmaster on my AK-48 too soon and it ended up too short, but still put out 3oz under a 400W HPS and tied back to open the middle and expose the under buds.

    My current grow has incorporated an airstone in the rez, dry koolbloom ripener, cooler lighting, and cooler over all temps. I am also growing 2 plants that are fatter than the one NL. I expect about 4.5 oz off the skunk and maybe 2 off the strawberry cough.

    Guage your success by how much you enjoy it and improving each go round.

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