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Average Trip On Shroom

Discussion in 'General' started by WookiesAreCool, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. I want to try shrooms, but i would really like to know, whats a good dose for a first timer, and abut how long does that does last. I need to know so i can take them and come down before i can get caught. Any help is apreciated

  2. Well Jeff, for an average male seeking an average trip I would eat about 2.5 grams. If you want to do the full eigth it might be a bit stong, but I don't know you personally to judge. The trip should last about 5-6 hours from when it kicks in.
  3. eat an eigth buddy, a real trip is when its strong, or else its just a mind trip, you need to seee those colours, you need to beam up!.. i've sat on cloud nine...

    my tip: dont zoom when your are stressed out or have any issues in life... can cause for a fuckin crazy mind job... end up THINKIN ABOUT THINKIN.. thats fuuuuucked
  4. my first time, i munched on an eighth. very nice, mild trip..be ready for the upset stomach though.
    and if you are 2 hours within gettin "caught", I suggest dont do them. be responsible for yourself. make the trip time worth the trip time.
  5. I wouldn't really know a dose... But, I usualy get 8ths. And once in a while, oz.

    On my first trip, it was like in 1999.. I was at my uncles, and he gave me an 8th to try. That was a mind blow, for a first timer! lol, especialy since I was only at his house for the first 20 mins of the high, and alone for the rest of it. But since I'm a pretty open minded, and passive person, it turned out alright... luckily.

    The only way I would recomend an 8th for a first time is if you are going to be with friends (preferably not shroomin). Well, it'd be fun if a few friends were shroomin too, but at least one friend shouldn't be. Cause, things can get freaky.
    After you've had them before, you get a pretty good idea of what to expect, and can do them alone... but be careful.

    As for your dose, I'd suggest you start small...

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