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Average salary of Cannabis Dispensary Jobs?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by AguaDulce, Dec 6, 2009.

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  1. I live in Los Angeles and i have a few friends who own/work at these clubs and there usally never hiring. Im actaully in the process of opening mine and i already have the employees
  2. thats awesome! :hello:

    good for you man.

    you probably gotta either do that or know someone.
  3. Great, another person coming to Cali to even further ruin our MMJ. The feds are getting fed up (pun much?!) for all the clubs because they are supposed to be for non-profit, as outlined in the original 215 bill. I'd rather just grow on my own and sell to clubs if i were you, all the fun of being legal without dealing with the coppers.
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    ^^I have to agree with Kevin here, way too many people are coming to California to open up shop and it's causing a lot of problems. And on a side note you pretty much have to know the owner of a dispensary to get a job there since everyone and their mother wants to work at one (and even then they make you attend classes like the ones in Oaksterdam).
  5. There's to many dispenseries in cali, and it might end up hurting our cause.

    "Oh, well, look at california, marijuana dispenseries have infested it, we don't want that in OUR state"

  6. LA specifically, they've been struggling with the dispensary situation for what, 2, 3 years now?

    How are you going about this? Last I heard LA extended the moratorium and hasn't decided on a permanent ordinance.
  7. Ha good luck with that,my friend has tried to get a job there for years and he has a MMJ card in San Francisco...easier to just go about it illegally if you ask me.
  8. in sacramento clubs r almost never hiring. you have to have an oaksterdam degree to even get considered in sac. the average wage is about $10-15 an hour here for a dispensary job if you got the connects to get that job. i ve been vending to clubs for awhile now and not a single one considered me for hire

  9. Actually a Federal Judge decreed that the moratorium is over and they have not enacted another one. ANY club can open at this moment in time, however, the City Council is still working on a full set of regulations that would most likely shut down any new club that opens at this point (zoning restrictions are incredibly inane right now in their drafts - they don't want any dispensaries that have a location adjacent to a residential area or an ally, and that kills like 90% of the retail locations available in the city)
  10. It seems to me money is an aspect of your motivation (perfectly fine, it is a job after all you are seeking) however, MMJ collectives don't allow you to make much money. The majority of bud tenders at these collectives are volunteers and don't work for a paycheck, but rather, discounts on the meds and other forms of compensation. If it is a dispensary you want to open up, keep in mind, dispensaries here are for non-profit. From what I've heard, the owner of the dispensary is allowed by the state to earn a certain amount every year (definitely less than 6 figures). I know collectives that have been shut down for violating this specific guideline. If that isn't enough, the DA and city attorny are constantly striving for reforms, one of them being that only 2 collectives would be allowed per city. It's only a matter of time before some of these reforms stick.

    Honestly, the easiest and most practical way to earn a living in the MMJ industry, is to become a vendor. No LAPD trying to shut you down (for the most part) and you can sell your wares to any collective.
  11. This is why Canada should jump on the bandwagon and let us grow up here.. I'd like to grow my own without the legal overhead (which is why I don't grow now)
  12. Best job ever.
  13. in sacramento a dispensary called King Flowers got shut down because they operated without a valid permit but the initial reason they got caught was that they were not paying all their taxes. the owner of one of the bigger dispensaries in sacramento made 1.7 million last year and the city asked him to pay higher taxes so he did and hes still making well over a million a year

  14. That is exactly why they will GRANDFATHER-IN all the dispensaries currently OPEN...
    They will eventually be like Amsterdam where you cannot open a dispensary or sell it... they will all have to be handed down to family or closed. YOU WATCH... If California is SMART that is EXACTLY what they will do..

    Why people want to move to California for MMJ is beyond me...
    STAY IN YOUR OWN STATE AND FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS THERE... This is what will further our reach in America... not everyone moving to California...

    I am just glad my state has never had an issue with it.. (accept a short time in the 90s) no MMJ or anything... just 24 plants or less and under a QP is fine.. and it is covered under the Alaska State Constitution Under Right To Privacy!

    The only thing that sucks about that scenario is we don't have dispensaries...
  15. Hmmm, sounds like every other teenager in America's plan for after highschool... Good luck buddy...

    I agree with Budstoned, be patient and fight for MMJ in your own state.
  16. IMO if he wants to move to California then he should move to California. It's a free country right? Good luck man, if you can't break into the dispensary business then just find another way to make money, there are plenty of options out there.
  17. To the OP, as everyone else said dont move to cali just for mmj. Thats just plain stupid. And if you think for a second that its that easy to find a job at a dispensery and then save enough to open one think again. First off take a look at each county's regulations and laws as far as MMJ.

    Link: ASA : Local California Dispensary Regulations

    First Id like you to read through San Francisco's regulations as far as MMJ. In order to even apply for a license and permit you must meet their zoning regulations which are simply impossible to meet unless your able to go back in time to before 2005. Second if you have found a location that meets their zoning regulations (which you probably wont) then you have to pay a bit over $7,000 of a NON-REFUNDABLE application fee for the city to send out workers to check out your location and backround. And again its non refundable so if you dont meet their requirements you just lost $7K of your hard earned money for what?

    Think twice before you pack your bags and move over here man.
  18. Bud Tenders-i'm guessing 10-13 / hour / maybe cash under the table, probably get hooked up with bud and stuff to

    Dispensary Owners-make a fucking killing. probably 70k on the low end, 1 million+ on the high end.
  19. okay, this is probably going to be a tad long and if you plan on ridiculing me then just stop now please. i have been looking into colleges for quite a long time and recently have been exploring the different colleges of california. i'd like to attend a four year art school there, and see where i have to go from there. as you can assume i have many things i'd like to do. i love painting, drawing, and will most likely major in film. now the question i pose to my fellow blades is it honestly worth going to california, leaving all of my friends (not many, i'm a fucking loner.) and family and going to a state where i can get a job in a dispensary(during college) possibly and get a card? i am currently prescribed seraquel for my trouble sleeping and depression. i would love to completely drop these pills and be able to receive safer medication that i know works all the time because marijuana has improved my life immensely. medical marijuana is something i feel strongly about. now if you have read through this entire post and are saying that this is the most cliche teenage stoner point of view just reply by saying drop your meds and work up the balls to attempt suicide again. thanks gc.
  20. shit man i could be wrong but i think theres like over 500 dispensarys in LA maybe consider doing it where theres a greater demand??Also i know its supposed to be non profit haha but i mean come on they all makin proit you can make ALOT of money you just gota know how to feel your paperwork out proper
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