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Average price of Purple Kush?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by liljmoney, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. so i got an opportunity to get a quarter of purple kush for around 140, gonna split the cost with my friend probably. im in the lower part of new york, about an hour from the city. am i getting ripped? ive heard people getting it for like 95 to 100. ill probably go through with the deal even if i am, as my moms away and i need to blaze soon.
  2. i live on long island. you are getting ripped off by at least 20 bucks. ifu were me than itd be 30 but im good friends with my guy so he gives me better prices than most ppl.
  3. god damn, 30 for a quarter? nice friend you got there. anyway yeah he said he was getting it for 125 supposively, and hes selling to me so he wants a profit. i want to cut him out but i dont know his dealer, and i don't want his dealer to be pissed if i my friend just gave me his number.
  4. sounds steep to me, even if it is real purple kush which its prob not no offense.

    i wouldnt pay over 120 for a quarter of the dankest dank. 7x20=140. youre not getting any discount. discounts for weight should start around an eighth.
  5. I just picked up some purple kush on Long Island and got it at 240 per half ounce.
  6. i pay 110-130 per 1/4 depending on availability (all comes from new york too) Smoking the best NY has to offer, mind you; shit is crystal!
  7. Dude holy hell thats pricey as fuck, it's 125 down here and people won't even pay that usually
  8. :rolleyes:Jesus you americans have high prices, up here in bc i get a quarter of anything for 60:D
  9. well you spaniards are just silly.
  10. I don't know exactly why that is but I do have a theory.The US has a much higher population therefore more demand,demand which cannot be met with enough supply to make it cheaper.That would be because the US government is simply out to get us.

    The DEA probably seizes and destroys more bud every year than there is in Canada,probably exaggerating,but you get my point.

  11. Spaniards? BC is British Columbia,which is in Canada.point,blank,period.
  12. yeah you`ve got a point but still! in the hundreds for seven grams! thats almost 20 bucks a gram
  13. i know i was just being stupid lol

  14. god damn i want to live in canada.

    when i graduate im gunna get residence and look for a job.

    i want to live by whistler though.
  15. I used to get top strains for 100 a quarter but there haven't been many "name" strains around lately. It's sort of a good thing not listening to names since everything is still super dank.
  16. would never pay anything over 100 for a quad
  17. Names should definitely be taken with a grain of salt. I've seen the shittiest of shitty advertised as "Kush." But on topic, I would only spend 140 on a quarter if it was 1. Excellent, top quality one-hit-and-you're-fucked cannabis, and 2.I had money to burn. It's up to you, man.
  18. here an O of purple kush was goin for 280 from this one guy i knew, didnt know if it was real purple but DAMN it was good :D
  19. man aronund here in portland or the weed is plentiful we got that train wreck we got that atf and that syntech and that kush and that blueberry and that white widdow and even that damn purp but why and the hell would you pay 125 for a fucking quarter i get a quarter for 80 or anything most the time if the dealer is a dick he might charge 85 but then its allways garenteed to be the strait up chron but if it aint that great its more like 50 or 60 and not to mintion its decreminalized and you can basicly walk down the street and took thats what i do and no body trippin up here and in 2010 there will be a ballet for fullblown leggleized himp for industryle use and recreational use in oregon and i think cali is doing somthing simmalar
  20. Lol Purple Kush is just a strain. You could have Purple Kush Mids at $10/gram, or Headies at $20/gram. You got Headies or good Beasters probably. They were probably getting low Beasters.

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