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Average Price of 1g of hash?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Lacan, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. How much do you guys pay on average for a gram of hash? I had a guy offering me a gram for 35 dollars and I was like "naw breh" but in hindsight was that actually a good deal?

    And yeah, it was golden brown, texture like sun.
  2. There's a large variety of types of hash, and the prices vary a lot accordingly.

    But for the most part there's pollen (otherwise known as kief), bubble hash, and hash oil.

    Kief in dispensaries around here is typically 15-25$ a gram, depending on quality.

    Bubble hash can have a large variety of qualities and can cost anywhere from $25-50 a gram. Some of the best stuff I ever had was $35/gram.

    Hash oil is much more expensive. Typically anywhere from $60-90 a gram (in the dispensaries at least)

    So yes if you don't have very good access to hash I wouldn't say $35/gram is a bad price at all, even if you do have a lot of access that's still not a bad price. It really just depends on the quality of what you're getting
  3. I personally wouldn't pay 35/g for that, even though hash is great. usually get that for 15-25/g.
  4. here in colorado I pay 15-20$. I've seen it go for 30-40$ a gram in clubs.

    Here's a 1.2 gram chunk of blonde full melt bubble hash I got for 20$.

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  5. Shit id take that for 35 any day. Any hash is good hash in nebraska :p
  6. id say $20 is avereage for a gram. i wouldnt pay anything over $25 tho. defenatly wouldnt pay $35. fuck that:eek:
  7. cheap hash for 15-20g,,, maybe like 1/4 melt

    1/2 melt around 25-30g,, for good quality

    full melt bubble no more than 35/g

    is what i seem to find myself paying
  8. $35 sounds ok, cryingpeanuts where in NE are u? im in omaha and we get some good hash commin through here, i guess it depends who u know and all tho...
  9. Here in Canada it's like 10$/g for some fuckin quality, quebec style :hello:
  10. 35/g street price for some legit bubble hash is a good price and probably shouldnt be skipped if u have the chance to buy some

    although the legitimacy of some ttue bubble hash can sometimes be hard to i.d because som idiots will buy pressed kief that looks identical to hash (not bubble hash) for lot of money
  11. fuck u and ur canadian prices lol
    more and more i think canada is where its at
  12. Hash by the gram from where I'm from goes for $30-$35.
    If you're lucky and get it hooked-up you could probably get a gram for $25.

    I dislike Illinois.
  13. In michigan at a dispensaries full melt is around 35 a gram, earwax 35-40 a gram and sour diesel oil 70 a gram.
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  14. 20 a gram for alright, 30 for bomb strain bubble hash.

    I don't get why people are complaining about price when the effort and all the matter it takes to make good hash! I can throw in many small buds and leafs and only get a few grams of bubble hash.

  15. It' looks pretty good.

    I'd gladly pay 35 bucks, maybe more, for a gram of black Nepalese Temple Ball, or Tibetian Finger, if it was the real thing. :hello:
  16. 10 dollars.....MAYBE 12-15 for oil since butane costs money....

    hash should be cheap....for the most part its made with trim which would normally just get thrown away...therefore youre paying for somebodies time and effort.....
  17. all the hash i buy at clubs is made 100% from buds.
  18. The first post was the best he nailed it. I paid 10 a gram in nor cal on a road trip this year, it was bomb but I have paid up to 30 it just depends on so many factors its hard to say if its a good deal, if he wanted 50 or something that would be crazy but if 35 is worth it to you then go for it. Now im craving hash........ its been a while.....
  19. $10 a gram (70/q, 140/h, 240/oz) that's the most i'd pay usually you see some price breaks it all depends on the dealer, crap hash is always really cheap.
  20. $20-30/g depends tho.

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