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Average Plant Yeilds

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by keystone08, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Im have just completed my first sucessful growing season and am wondering what the yeild might be. I need help being it is my first time and would really like some help with predictions on my yeild over the 6 months. I have 3 plants approximately 6.5ft tall. All comments welcome.
  2. umm... cut it down and weigh it... If you just completed the grow, why are you asking us what it COULD weigh... weigh it the hell out lol.
  3. Isn't six months a long ass time for your crop to come to yield? I thought 3-4 months was the seed to yield time. I've never grown though, so I could be totally wrong.
  4. Did you do any special growing techniques like topping or FIM'ing it? What kind of plant, what nutes. Need more info for a decent reply.
  5. Uhm, just dry it and weigh it?
  6. maybe it was an extremely long flowering sativa???
    but yea manicure that shit, dry it up, cure it, then weigh it...
  7. Depends on the phenotype and strain.
  8. Just say for instance i took one of my good middies seeds, planted in a big pot in my backyard and took OK care of it, what would my yeild be expected to be?
  9. Pound a plant, outdoor.
  10. Wait so you're telling me if I plant like two dozen plants and get maybe half females I can get about 10 pounds of dank in 3-4 months? That sounds too good to be true..

  11. :eek: Get out! *shoves you Elaine style*
  12. No, seriously. If I can get a pound a plant I'm going to start growing... I have so much room it's ridiculous, i could easily get like two dozen plants going. I'll have weed for the rest of my life from one harvest.... mwahahah.
  13. depending on genetics you could get more than that.
  14. try 3 ounces for a first timer - if your lucky

    odds are if its your first time you dont really know whats the best way to grow

    probably after your 5th season will you be growing 16 Ounce Plants
  15. The grower around here has been doing it for 20+ years. He gets 3-4 oz. from indicas ,and 6-8 oz. from sativas. all indoor. He just harvested 2 Hogs and got 17 oz. from the 2 of them. Good shit too.

    It takes a while to get going. I've been experimenting for 10 months now. I got 4 oz. off 2 plants my 1st time, but they got pollenated. 2 white rhinos, still gives a real nice buzz, and I've got seeds forever.

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