Average life span of Carbon Filters ?

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    At what age do carbon air scrubbers lose their ability to kill the odors,and have to be replaced?
    Or,in other words, Do any of them last more than a couple of years ?
  2. I can't speak from personal growing experience but all activated carbon has a finite lifespan. It absorbs the molecules that smell like a sponge. Once it's absorbed as much as it can it's done. So if you do less grows it will last longer since it's absorbing less of those odorous molecules.

    If you don't want to drop a bunch of money on new ones frequently you can make a DIY one. Tutorials for this on youtube. That way you just need to add your own new carbon (which is very cheap).
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  3. Yeah, I'm thinking I can drill out the rivets on mine and replace the granules in it, if I can find some of the good "Australian Certified Virgin" kind....Got some hunting to do ,still...
    You know who carries it ?
  4. Not sure about that specific type but I know amazon sells the kind designed for fish tanks dirt cheap which should do the trick.
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  5. Yep...That's what I'm finding on there too...But I found a great price on a whole new 6" filter for 50.98 + shipping, so I'll prolly just replace mine first,and then rebuild the old one for next time...I gotta do something QUICK ! :cop:
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  6. Any online grow shop or local should carry carbon,,may look on ebay or amazon too

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