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Average Hydro Yield

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by rorkster2, Jul 16, 2011.

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    What would a typical yield be for a Hydro/aeroponic grow per plant? I relize that several factors need to be accounted for including light power, Strain, etc. (if it matters just assume 1000 watts). But would 2-2.5 oz sound like a good guess?
  2. Common Grasscity I know one of you knowledgable stoners reading this can leave a guess
  3. It depends alot on strain but you have no info on what lights lights and how tall/long you plan on vegging the plants.
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    how about this.. name everything.. lights/lighting schedule, nutes, strain, and we could give you estimates on veg time to end up with a certain yield... you can end up with pretty much anything...

    to end up with 2.5 oz dried on a good yielding strain and 1000watt hps id say veg for about 4 weeks from clone or 6 from seed on 18/6

    oh and you'd probably have to lst or scrog to get that kind of yield with that short of veg
  5. Lady burn
    Avg yield 900/m2
    Veg 4 weeks 24/0
    Advanced nutrients ppm avg 1000
    2 plants

    What do you think I could yield? Thanks guys
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    if you do it right... atleast 8 zips

    i just pulled 10 from a 2x4 scrog from one plant in a 5 gal DWC 400w HPS. vegged for 7 weeks till the scrog was 2/3 full (strong indica) then switched to 12/12 and i had 42 fatty colas above the screen.... the stem's diameter at the base was 1 1/2" and the rootball was a solid mass that took up the entire 5 gal bucket.

    this was the 3rd time i grew this strain in DWC. i am going to tweak it again and try and get 12-13 the next run.

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