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  1. Alright all. Im new to this forum. Transplanted from RUI....
    I have a quick question, more like a opinion...
    I have a budget DWC grow. CFL lighting. Open room with plenty of space.
    Lower side of ideal conditions with NO expectiations for yeild.
    How tall would you grow with consideration to CFL and I dont want a million bulbs.
    Im thinkging 12" and then switch to flowering. Leaving room for expansion.
    Image was taken about a week ago.


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  2. Yah 12"-16" is about when you want to switch to flower. It'll probably double in height maybe more when you switch to flower. Good lookin plant too. Kinda looks like she's gonna be a bushy plant.

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    Yea she's doing great. Started as a soild grow, literally threw her into the DWC and almost killed her. She was in shock for a solid week. Bounced up and is doing awesome. She sits at 7 inches now, and is maybe 14 inches wide. I topped it about 2 weeks ago. 
    I just raised my lights 2" to promote a little stretching, she had stalled about a week ago and was just herself filling out. Ill update with another pic later.
    Ok cool so im gonna stick with my initial idea. Double in height huh? Nice, i was thinking like 50% percent maybe, but ill take doubling any day.
    Thanks for the quick reply!!

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