average day in my life

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Brendank420, May 16, 2010.

  1. View attachment Image3.bmp hey guys, im new to grasscity,
    i'd just like to say that my name is brenden and im an average guy, my favorite things to blaze with are bongs, but im down for pretty much with anything.
    this is pretty much my average day

    i also like hot wings and trying to make bongs lol
    if anybody wants to give me some headers dont be afraid to tell me

    your average stoner
  2. Ohhh man i fucking love hot wings!!!!

    i know if im smoking a quarter of the finest dank i can eat like 50 wings drenched in sauce lol.
    sad chickens lol.
  3. cool story bro. tell it again.
  4. This thread gave me a wicked craving for wings... the hotter the better.
  5. someone's grumpy:devious:

    what's up op, welcome to the city:wave:. i too like wings and bongs
  6. haha i don't see the story though
  7. wings, bongs, weed. If only that could replace religion ;)
  8. mmmmmmmm...
  9. i like how you randomly mentioned you like wings. your average stoner lol!

    you're too funny man.
  10. fuck i just woke up and that's killing me.

    i want wings...

    i'll have to settle for ramen..
  11. *drools*
  12. I too enjoy the art of bong making. Got pics?

    Here is my latest :cool:



    Mini Patron bottle ash catcher fed into two distributers at the end of the blue tubes.
  13. Hello..i like Bongs and wings too
  14. I like bubblers and pizza... just kidding, I can't even lie. I love bongs and Wings too, especially Wings over (Storrs in my case).
  15. brendank420 is my HERO
  16. i missed the part where he told us about an average day in his life...
  17. bongs and wings FTW!:smoking:
  18. This guy knows whats up.

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