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Average cocaine dose?

Discussion in 'General' started by MarijuanaKills, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. I'm about to try cocaine for the first time, and I've researched it alot but the one thing I can't seem to find anywhere is how much I should actually be doing. I bought a 1 gram bag for 30. I'm clueless as to how much I should do each time I should do it. 1/4 gram, 1/2 gram? Also, whats the general amount that people overdose at? Thanks
  2. I know cocaine is bad I know it destroys families but please, I've taken this all into cosideration so cut the "dont do coke" stuff please.
  3. Umm. I think like a line or 2. So I'm guessing 1/8th-1/6th a gram?
  4. I usually split 1.75 grams with a friend for the course of a night...I'd do two lines to start with and see how you're feeling, you'll probably want more in 45 minutes or so (this all depends on how good the blow is). $30 is cheap consider yourself lucky if it's good.
  5. hit a line get your buzz goin and do as much as you want through out the night but not all at once and your not gonna od from a gram
  6. yeah..you don't really have to worry about doing too much considering you have a gram, but I'd still spread it out over 3 or 4 hours
  7. Just keep sniffing until you see white dots. Seeing white dots is a sign of a slight overdose.
  8. Most i've ever done was 1.75 grams, half of an eight ball. Me and a friend did like 11-14 small lines each over a 4-5 hour period. Coke is good when you first hit a line, but then 5 min. later, you crave another line. It just repeats over and over. By the time the night was over, I was so blowed that I felt sober. I hated the feeling. I was kinda depressed and couldn't sleep for shit. Definately not a drug I prefer. You should be fine doing a gram, just spread it out and don't do it all in an hour.
  9. You did too much. Should've done a quarter of a gram every three or so hours.
  10. a 30 doller gram could be done in about an hour..... the stuff its prolly cut with might fuck up your nose tho.
  11. guys dont give him the bs about not doing it. i have a low opinion about coke myself but he not looking for any shit, just give him an answer if you can

    all i know is that itll be the same night, you wont be able to save any :smoking:
  12. in the end, no matter how little you do, cherry cola always beats your ass, i woudnt even think about bout doing it without some benzos like valium or xaniax. i dont like doin it anyways cause nowadays its cut to shit. at the end of the night, you feel like str8 up shit, bottom line, and theres much better drugs than that in my opinion
    this bein your first time prepare yourself for this, you get so "high/amped" that u gotta accept theres even a worse "low/crash"
    my first time i sniffed a gram with my buddy over 1 n a half - 2 hours
  13. .2 .4 gram is a average dose which is a pretty good line, and continue through the night.

    but im talking about pure pretty much before it hits the streets type of pure.
  14. That's another thing, coke around here is cut like hell. That's one of the main reasons I have never done it more than 2-3 times. What do they cut it with, usually; b12? I would like to try some coke in it's purest form, just once.

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