Average age of city members?

Discussion in 'General' started by Prest989, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. I tried to do a search but didn't come up with any results. I'm a new member here, and have been surfing the forum for about a week now.... just out of curiosity, I was wondering how old everyone is.....?
  2. I'm 20. :) You?
  3. haha so far %100 of people are between 18-20.

    Come on old fellas I know your out there....:wave:

    Edit: My slowness has nothing to do with weed
  4. 21, 22 in september. Dam im getting old
  5. 19 (april bday) ....i feel so young! :eek:
  6. wooo! go April birthdays!!!!
  7. I wonder who is 60+... Im 23.
  8. Old enough. :cool:
  9. Old enough for what? ;)
  10. My favorite thing about this poll is that there is a 50+ and 60+ option hahaha

    Fuckin stoners. :bongin:

    oh... im 26
  11. T-t-t-t to party. :eek:
  12. You likely have no idea how badly I was hoping for that post. :hello:
  13. Jus Turned 19, Whas good Aquarious here.
  14. ha thats a good one

    just turned 18 jan 24 :wave:

    i know some older blades that i once thought to be like 18-20ish..

    you'd be surprised
  15. Double deuces.

    Awesome libra of 22. :)
  16. Wait a second... Join date: November, 2008. Date of age 18: January 24th 2009... you were a hardcore rule breaker back in your childhood huh?

  17. Gangsta:cool:
  18. haha yeah i was scrolling down and i saw someone said old enough for what? i was like oh shit here it comes, haha, good shit :D

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