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  1. Good day everyone, long time since ive been here, much been going on... unfortunately cannot elaborate at the moment, but I am once again seeking advice for a prediciment in which my plants are in... for those who remember my experimentation with flouros and heavy advocation of such for beginners...lol, might be pleased to know Ive upgraded...not much, but to a 400hps and have experienced great results thus far....very noticeable for those interested in upgrading, the differences were known within 3 days of turning it on... howevetr the knowledge gained by witnessing slower growth was quite worth it.

    Now, Ive managed to keep some good plants in the past year or so, that happened to produce some great smoke, with flouros, and so upgrading is exciting as it seems it can only be better. but here is the situation.

    two clones, 3 from seed, all 5 are now 3 days into flowering are over a foot tall and in (and this may be the problem) miracle gro soil, I swore I would never do this...but decided it might prove to be a good lesson one way or another, so whatever the reason, they all sit in 100% miracle gro soil. now heres the interesting part... The clones, are not nearly as affected by this problem as the seed'lings' which is strange to me, and kind of in my mind, excludes the possibility to an extent, that the soil is the cause, the symptoms are as such:

    mind you these signs were present even before transplanting into miracle gro, and before sticking under the HPS but it continued on afterwards also, if it had stopped after trans, and HID exposure than I suppose I would not be writing, so... this is not the case... the lowermost leaves on one are now so numbered with necrotic patches one might consider such minimal life as death, higher up, the necrosis is less, but still considerable in number, and the remaining viable leaf matter is very yellow in color. the upper most leaves however, are slightly cupping... -slightly-. and is yellow interveinally but the veins themselves are dark green, and also the yellow interveinal space is protruding, one might call it a bumpy look, or a 3d look, the edges are yellow as is the interveins, but there are no necrotic patches, this is most present in the plants from seed.

    The clones on the otherhand, also are showing signs, only there is no necrosis, and the leaves are much darker and normal looking than the 3 seedlings, but they are still light interveinally, showing more of a purplish color, now one possibility is that this is just a trait of the mother from which they were taken, however as I have not seen her, I cannot be sure, but this doesnt seem right as they in fact do all have the same soil, (which btw, are all in 5 gal buckets) and so it would be expected that if it were the soil that is causing this, it would be so accross the entire crop, but it is in fact less prevelent as ive said in the clones, also the fan leaves of the seedlings are very large, larger than I would consider normal, and so the next possiblity would be inadequate ventilating and air exchange. I can say that this isnt the case. so what am I left with? something which appears somewhat as an iron def....NOT LIKELY. perhaps over fertilizing, but its all miracle gro, and the problem differs largely between plants so this doesnt seem right.either.. no pests are present, heat is not a problem, the light is not burning the plants... what is this affliction?

    thanks to all in advance, for all help.


    i would take a picture to simplify matters...but the dig cam got left out in a grand storm, giving new meaning to taking it all in.

  2. HIGH All, yes clones would react differently than the seeders. Maybe the best way I can explain is the Clones have been though feedings before and when Cloned and rooted these clones would have a HIGHer tolerence to the ferts.

    What were the plants in before transplanting and 12/12?

    Yes I would say your soil is the cause....the medium we use and only use is Sunshine Mix#4, it's PH balanced with no ferts added. The only thing I can suggest is change your soil or mix it up so it's not to strong.
    Hope you find your answer and your babies give you monster buds.
  3. Well, thank you very much, seems right.

    Ive heard f such soil mixes, however short of ordering off the net, it is impossible to get it in my area...and Im playing an even more dangerous game caus Everyone knows me around town... so its walmart for all my growing needs, and the walmart in my area considers a garden center as miracle gro, shultz and hose accessories...my options are far from limitless. I suppose i shall have to go to mixing my own... thats alrigth, Im in the process of putting together a worm box (for castings) in addition to a composter, so soil should be no big deal in a while... these babies will have to tuff it out if they wish to live, cause i cant forsee transplanting 5 gallon bucket, with 2 foot tall rooted plants in flowering (and in answer, I just put them in flowering 3 days ago...and already i see flowers, quite amazing plants are.) into new soil... without much risk, not to mention the time, which in fact is accelerating, and thus shortening simultaneously. resulting in many ideas, and no money to make them real... ave to those who caught that. and a wink of assuredness to those who didnt.


    Thanks again!


    just remember; Culture is not your friend.
  4. Ave, and Good Morning to you.

    I was pondering the last response, and it just doesnt seem like it should be the case, although I am sure it is. Isnt miracle gro supposed to make plants flourish, not wither and kill them?! or is it a ph factor? in this case, its undertandable I suppose... damn soil. false advertisement.


    but like he says...
  5. This problem came up about two years ago when Ndica Bud and myself were the full time grow mods. You can try to do a search for it but I'll give you a brief summary.

    You have two problems with your soil. First is overfertilization. The second is low pH. The cause Miracle Gro soil. Like all time release fertilizers, MG soil will increase the amount of fertilizer released with an increase in temperature, humidity, and soil moisture. With intense indoor cultivation, all three parameters exist and the fertilizer is being released into your soil at an increased rate. Also, MG soil as it becomes overfertilized, the pH naturally decreases with an increase of the phosphate based ferts (derived from phosphoric acid).

    Basically MG soil is crap for indoor cultivation under HID lights. You can try a clean water flush every so often to remove excess nutes and add agricultural lime slurry mix to increase the soil pH, as long as you have pH meter to measure you acidity/alkalinity.

    A simple soil pH test is add 5 grams of soil to 100 mil of plain water. Shake vigorously for several minutes. Allow the slurry to settle, and then check the pH. That will give you the soil pH.

    Good Luck and maybe try posting this up in the advanced grow forum and let some of those heads take a look at your problem.
  6. yip....it's the miricle grow, i grew with it once.....had a good harvest, but you need to flush it through with a LOT of water to get it to stabilize a bit........i grew from seed in it, and i think i got away with that phase of growing it in the MG, as i only add water around the new sprout, and not too much....hence it didn't have a good chance to release the ferts that it has stored in it............Peeace out........Sid

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