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avb capsules - how many?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by opisaphaggot, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. hey blades - happy holidays!

    so i have some avb and i really hate smoking it and edibles aren't an option (at home from school for the holidays)

    so I got some size 0 gel caps, and i was wondering how many I should take?

    I have enough for about 5. Will this get me sufficiently blitzed? or should I 'stockpile' them and wait until I have like 10+?


    - have avb capsules
    - how many is required to get messed up? (can provide body weight if necessary)

    inb4 op is a phaggot

  2. hahaha but actually?
  3. that depends, u aware brah?

  4. i will rape you if i get the chance
  5. Take a few times more than you would need to smoke to get you high.

  6. strong misc presence ITT
  7. i took 6 capsules about 2 weeks ago. that in combination with like 10 beers and a few bong rips resulted in me puking my guts out so.... seriously don't overdue it. start with a few, then wait like an HOUR.
  8. take 20. see what happens?
  9. same username on the misc, you know what to do ;)

  10. negs/10
  11. I've got the same size capsules as you. I saved up my avb stash and made 15 capsules, took 5, then another 5 an hour later. Another hour later it hit me, and i was on a [6]. Then I took 5 more and got on an [8]. The feeling is kind of like smoking a lot of indica mids.

    If you have less body weight then you need less capsules, I weigh 215lbs.
  12. fuck off lahey
  13. Avb is the winds of shit

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