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Avb Best Way To Consume

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ManBearJordan, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Sorry if this is unnecessary but I feel like not much on the topic is known broadly enough in Australia.
    I have already tried smoking it with un-vaporized weed but since I've recently quit smoking tobacco, any unnecessarily materials really irritate my chest and i just cough hard. Plus it's just extra plant matter and body chilling CBD's anyway. I'm more about the THC when I smoke and Vape; only smoking cones to accelerate the high between Vapes. 
    So I was looking around for ages trying to figure out the deal with ABV. And by that I mean:
    1) Weather or not it is worth eating after it has been Vaped, 
    2) The best way to eat it 
    3) Weather any further processing was going to degrade the high in any way due to inevitable loss of THC and other CBD's.
    I have just eaten 5 grams of light brow AVB (the lighter the better, green bits are bonus) and yes it is worth eating, HOLY SHIT yes. It took me 10 minutes the restructure that last part into numbers because I am so WREAKED hahaha. 
    Sooo that answers the first question the best way to eat it. I had a look around a few websites and a few places on here and in the end it was a guy on reddit named I_summit...etc I can't remember his user name and in a stoned stooper I have closed the tab. I'd be interested to know if anyone has come across his comments. Anyway, basically the best way to eat it is any way in which doesn't require anymore heating. When you Vape it you are likely Vaping at around 300 degrees which is perfect decarboxalating  temperatures, hence no more processing. Don't get me wrong, you can mix about 10 grams with 250g stick of salt reduced butter, to create cannabutter, which is strong enough to do you for about 3 sessions if your a daily smoker like me.
    PERSONALLY I will stick to eating it raw for now, only so i can get the most out of my high while i'm still experimenting with my favorite ways to consume. And the best way to eat it raw...which was pretty much my entire reason for posting this lol I am just super baked hahaha. Milo and Full Fat Milk :)
    Americans might not know what Milo is; it's a chocolate malt powder that you add to milk, I attached a picture because it looks identical to crushed up AVB. This concoction, of about 3 grams AVB crushed to a powder plus half a cup of milo and half a cup of milk, makes the AVB pretty much Australia we add more than is required because you eat the half dissolved Milo whilst drinking the milk. Milo doesn't have a strong over bearing taste so it's just delicious. The best part of this drink is you can taste and smell the weed and it's beautiful.
    Sorry This was so long winded but I got a little carried away, I hope Aussies read this and use Milo with their Vape and stop with this microwaving with peanut butter nonsense. I will mix some with Nutella soon but I do think it needs to be mixed with something a bit more gritty to really not notice it when eating it raw.
    I do not feel microwaving it will ever enhance the effects nor should it be used as an alternative to the stove or oven when making various cannabutters.  This is due in part to uneven cooking, and the creation of steam pockets that get trapped, causing super high temperatures, further vaporizing and combusting the CBD's.


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  2. I read like half of your post. But mixing with nutella is effective. Just spread it on some toast or graham crackers. Try making budder or oil then make some brownies or anything with said ingredients. Follow normal recipes on here for edibles. If it calls for 7g of raw bud, use 14g of ABV. Or find what works for you.

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  3. I do not know anything about eating ABV. I guess yeah, you are right. It has been decarbed and the ground bud would bond to the fat in the milk. Thank you for teaching me that. I learned something new today :)
      Anyway's you Aussies should be thinking about putting seeds in the ground. Is it not spring in Australia?
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    Haha, yeah but only in the Australian Capital Territory where you're allowed to ;) :p

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