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  1. ive been trying to upload a new picture for my avatar but everytime i try it says its to big, so ive tried changing itt to fit but im obliviously doing something wrong,, can someone please explain to me how i can shrink it down so i can use it

    this is the picture,, except im gonna take out tools name and the tour name at the bottom

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  2. the maximum size your picture can be is 75X75 pixels. the picture you posted is 150X250 pixels.

    At 75X75 pixels, your picture will look like this....

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  3. i've always wondered this... why is your avatar so big Nubbin. I mean the ice cream man is bad enough small.
  4. lol I seriousely get asked that almost on a daily basis....When I switched my avatar to this one I must have done it while the size limit was being changed, because the day after I had put it up It wouldn't let me put up a new one unless it was within those 75X75 limits...so I said fuck that and kept the ice cream man (besides....who would really want the ice cream man to become small?...)
  5. (besides....who would really want the ice cream man to become small?...)

    maybe I'm just way too stoned (if their was such a thing) but that sounded really bad.
  6. you're a very sick man cow.......you need help....sick sick sick
  7. is there any way i could make it a little more clear.. like if i took out the writing at the top and the bottom then made it 75-75 pixels

    how didu make it that size?
  8. do you have some sort of picture editing program on your computer?..photoshop, paintbrush? just go to image proporties and resize and then put in what dimentions.
  9. yea i had tried that but i thought i wasnt doing it properly because it made it unclear and stuff, and everyone else avatars look real good
    i quess ill just pick another picture

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