Avatar, Magic Flight Launch Box, and OG Kush

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  1. I know there were alot of threads about seeing avatar a while back. most of them were about seeing it high. well our town has a $10 theatre which plays movies when they come out, and then a $2 theatre where they play movies that are a month old. my cheap ass went to go see it over at the dollar theatre with my friend simmer on here.

    we bought a gram of OG Kush for $20 (prezzie prices here are usually pretty straight) and rolled a .5g blunt and smoked it on the way. there was a cop behind us apparently for a few minutes while we were passing it. i was too blazed to notice lol, im not used to prezzie. so we chiefed down the blunt, and then got our tickets. about a quarter of the way through, when shit started getting real, i busted out my little vaporizer and vaped down the other .5g. it was a very intense movie after we got done. haha.

    i really enjoyed the movie. ive seen it twice now, and if you havent seen it yet then i highly recommend it. there's going to be a re-release sometime in august with an extra 6 minutes and hopefully in 3D, which i wont miss this time around. and apparently it's going to be a trilogy.
  2. Dude. I know what you mean. Also, i am pumped for the real avatar that is coming out. The one based on the cartoon. Going to be awesome. Her is the link

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxbHooiZRGE&feature=related]YouTube - The Last Airbender New Theatrical Movie Trailer [HD][/ame]
  3. im sure the messages are a bit different, but the other avatar looks alright:)
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    its pocohantus with amazing special effects and an alien world.

    that is all folks.

    oh yeah, they spend like 30 minutes blowing up a reaaaaaly big tree.\

    edit: wrong avatar lol. that m. knight guy is directing it so you never know.

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