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  1. Just wondering what you guys would suggest for auxiliary or side lighting. I’m currently doing 4 plants and have an overhead led light on each one of 200 actual watts from the wall and one side light pulling 100 actual watts.
    These plants are thriving and I rotate the plants every day for symmetry.
    I bought a taotronics 36w , very steampunk look to it and have it trained on the dark side of one of my plants and it seems pretty bright but very small footprint.
    I’m trying to maximize the yield per plant without getting too crazy and I suspect that there’s a drop off in roi at some point and wondering what you guys have to say about side lighting. Thanks for reading. I’m in week 5 of 12/12!!
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  2. Is that a full spectrum light or specifically veg or flower. Just wondering I too was also looking into supplemental lighting but seen so many that were either or veg or flower.

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  3. I think it’s full spectrum.

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