Autumn grow journal

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  1. For this grow I will be growing 2 Grape Walker kush, 2 Forum Stomper, 2 Double Grape x 3BOG and 1 24 Carat. All seeds were purchased from Mephisto and are autos. Germinated seeds on 8/21 all but the 24 Cart has not sprouted but I’m still hopeful. I am using Foxfarm ocean forest soil mixed with about 60% perlite. I have 4 Lights which are LED and are 600w and 1000w and two smaller ones not sure the wattage for those.

    Also this is my 1st grow journal so I’m not sure if I posted it correctly ‍♀️
  2. Nice choice in genetics , im getting ready to run Walter white from Mephisto..
    Happy growing .

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  3. My last grow was the Grape walker kush and Fuge state both were awesome
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