Autos too short

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  1. Why do my autos keep budding at like one foot tall indoors. After that there is no more growth.
  2. What size container you using
  3. Also what auto strain and light cycle are you running? 12/12, 18-6 ect.
  4. 7 gallon
  5. gsc 18/6
  6. What is the the average yield per plant normally with that strain
  7. What strain? Some autos that's all your gunna get others will be monsters
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  8. How many plants in your space?
  9. With the research ive done on autos most people seem to think that 3 gallons is about the right potsize to prevent them from being rootbound but still to grow to their full potential.

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  10. i think all autos suck lol. like every one ive grown had ended up short. ive put them in 1, 3, 5 gal buckets and tried 24hr light, 18hr, 12hr.

    though i will say almost every auto seed ive gotten has been a freebie seed so maybe they werent top notch genetics but still
  11. There are good auto genetics on the market and high yielders. To maximize yield most grower lst
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  12. Lol small auto right? That's a jock horror.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
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  13. To GSC autos were short as hell indoors but I have an outdoor right now at 4 ft tall and has not started budding. I figured maybe light cycle but doesnt seem that way just seems that the clock is to fast in the genes.
  14. GSC
  15. Gross small cock? o_O
  16. Nice and cheezy
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  17. Lol lucky! It looks really good.
  18. Look into Super Autos if you must grow autos. I remember growing a super auto strain called Annapurna a while ago. It grew to about 3ft. Got over 4 ounces off her under 250w HPS. I wonder what she can do under some proper lights. Maybe you can find out.
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  19. GSC autos should be pretty good, heard a lot of good things and they are pretty popular. Think there a outdoor uk thread on them at the min, and they are over a foot and Uk weathers crap
  20. You got enough light? Big enough pot? Autos can be stunted pretty easy

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