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how many plants would you fit in a 3'x5' tent, under a 600w HPS, for maximum yield?

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  1. Hello dudes and dudess! and thanks for passing by my journal
    I have done some grows in the past and this is my second experiment with Autoflower strains.
    some info about the setup:


    A' group:
    AUTODINAFEM Amnesia XXL Autoflowering
    AUTODINAFEM Moby dick XXL Autoflowering
    B' group:
    DUTCH PASSION Colorado Cookies Auto
    VICTORY SEEDS Auto Super Mazar
    -Space: 3'x5' mylar tent
    -Pots: 11l aerated fabric pots
    [week 1-2] -2x125w CFL 20/4
    [ >> 3-4] -400w philips MH HPI-T Plus 20/4
    [ >> 4-..] -600w philips green power 18/6
    -Reflector: Adjust A wings medium avenger
    -Soil: Plagron lightmix + Bio Bizz fullmix. Added 1tsp Mycorrhiza soluble
    -Ferts: for the first 3 weeks: -Biobizz Root juice 1-4 ml/l for first 2 weeks, Bio grow 1ml/l if the plants ask for it
    for the bloom phase (week 4 till end): bizz bloom, topmax, algamic, and Acti-vera
    exhaust: TD 350-125 Silent (350 m3/h) with 300 rhino filter attached + 4 silent 100 m3/h pc funs for osc.
    Intake: 150 m3/h cool air (average intake 10-20 C degrees)
    The temps inside the tent are generally around 26-27 C/ 80F. It would be better to avoid the transplant but i couldnt. First day after transplant i let them under 250w CFL, to let them recover from stress and the second day i changed into a 400w HPI blue only spectrum.

    there are also three photoperiod plants aside in the tent. they r getting ready to go outdoors soon so only counts what is in fabric pots for this journal

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THere It GoEs~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    1st group amnesia xxl & moby dick
    2nd group started one week later, Colorado Cookies & Super Mazar

    Timelaps from Day 13 (group A') till Day 28 from seed
    13 days old.jpg 15days old.jpg 17 days old.jpg 20 days old.jpg 24 days old n 17.jpg 28 and 21 Days old .jpg

    20160427_151137.jpg The grow room during the veg phase

    20 days old Amnesia.jpg Amnesia Auto 20 Days from seed

    One of the Mazar seedlings started growing in a "whorled phylotaxy" mutation but around 3rd week it changed into normal. Its growth is standed in comparison to the others. After reading though in some other grows that the yields from plants with this mutation was not very impressive, I was thinking to remove her from the room. Here she is 13days old.
    whorled phylotaxy 13days old.jpg

    Probably ill remove that whirled whorled, plant plus another 2 (the most weak) and ill try to finish with 9
  2. Group A' : Day 28 from seed
    Group B' : Day 21

    Today i changed from 400w MH -> to 600w son-t pia dual HPS. I could have keep the MH another week so they gain more growth but this is not what i want in that grow. Ill try to keep em small so they all fit in there.
    It looks like ill just stay to total 600w dual spectrum light, so as to avoid the use of cooltube.

    Light and Ventilation
    Till now i am doing ok with just 2 pc 125silent funs, attached together for the intake of cool air and a couple of osc fans for the inside circulation.
    Soon ill attach a normal 150 m3/h ventilator for the cool air intake and the TD 350 m3/h with the carbon filter attached to exhaust heat.
    My environment's intake air temps are steady 10-20 C degrees between night and day.. thats more than perfect
    My only problems are the tube lengths for both intake &exhaust. For the intake it has to run 4m. And the exhaust needs to run 3m from the grow room to the wall, and after that it has to travel up all the way of the is like another 6m upwards! shit . All this distance is a pain in ma ass. Im sure i would have less than 25 C inside the gro room if i didnt have to run all this distance for exhaust. But there is no other place to through the hot air. I tried exhausting it in the same room that the tent stands but i get 1-2 degrees higher temp then inside the tent.. I hadnt grow again in that space/climate, so i didnt know what to expect. If i had plan it better, i would have bought a 500 m3/h ventilator or even higher for the exhaust.

    Anyway, maybe ill have to play in the limits now with temps, but i am fine. If next month gets too hot and i cant control it anymore ill just attach a cooling hood under the adjustAwing reflector and solve the all the temp probs.

    Today during the midday the 600w hps was standing 60cm on top of the plants and the temp inside the room was 27 C degrees. and 45-50% humidtiy. juust great ! At night i will bring it bit closer to plants..not more then 45-50cm far.

    was done couple days ago in A' group, and ladies took it positively. I only tied the main branch down. Side branches already poped out. Ill give her just few days to recover from the first shock and then ill also tie down 3 of the side branches. I want them to stay low but at the same time i dont want them to end up in a flat spreaded bush cause not so much space in there.

    -This week the A' group (week 4 from seed) got around 3 waterings of 500ml , with 1,5ml/l biogrow each
    -the B' group (week 3 from seed) also got 3 waterings with 300ml, and 0,5ml/l biogrow
    Both groups fed with 1ml/l algamic and 2ml/l activera

    Next feed i start feeding both groups bloom nutes in every feed (starting with 0,5 ml/l)

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