Auto's not dwarfs... any suggestions

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  1. Any breeders out there producing auto flowering vaireties with a decent yield? Im not chasing dwarf varieties just strains i dont need seperate vege and flower chambers? So im not chasing 8 weeks or 10 week plants. More like traditional varities that can operate on 18 hour cycles costantly and give me 5-6 ounces, or am i playing make believe?
  2. Check out Short Stuff Seeds and Flash Seeds.
    Both have autoflowering strains that aren't dwarf/lowryder plants.
    I hear Super Cali Haze by Short Stuff is some good stuff.
    Good luck.
  3. The super stinky and cali haze look like impressive yielders, do uo know much about the rocket russian fuel, the pheno advertised looks like it would out yield both, but that is just speculation looking at the picture.

    Does flash seeds have a direct distribution website or do you have to go threw another distributor to attain his goodness? His chaze is also drawing my attention, also the nirvana sky looks like a big yielder.

    Id like to have rotating crop of different varities growing in the same green house, and these varities are certainly looking hopefully. Any experience with maxi-gom?
  4. Sweet Seeds - CreamCaramel auto, its nice and it aint no dwarf :smoke:
  5. Afghan Kush Ryder, flowers 3-4 weeks longer than Lowryder #2 and AKR has some beefy stinky flowers. Larger than normal yield.

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