Auto's multiple harvest?

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    I really would appreciate any input, I've been reading all over this forum but could not find any info on this...

    The thing is different Seed-banks claim that Lowryder and other Auto's can have multiple harvest... thru the year... What does that mean? I know for sure you can't clone an auto.. so my question is...

    How could this be done?
    Breeding them?

    Assuming that you have a few or at least one male that you would have to weed out and then you put one of them with one of the girls to produce seeds? should i do this before? On a diferent crop? or at the same time my girls are growing? on a diferent room?

    Another concern is I want to go as Ecological as possible with CFL's, etc... So.. Nutrients... How should i use Bat Guano on them? What's the schedule?
  2. Multiple harvests mean that it flowers so fast you can plant harvest plant harvest etc. Instead of just planting in the spring and harvesting in the fall if you were running them outdoors. Cfl's will work, but won't produce like a good hps. As far as just using bat guano, I would recommend getting yourself some nutes or look into going organic. I don't think just guano will suffice. Hope this helps. Lmk if there's anything else.

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