autos flowering beside vegs

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  1. I cannot grow in another area.. and my vegging ladies cannot go outside.. so my question is this.. should I switch to hps or keep using my mh?Which plants will suffer more?
  2. If they are the same wattage I'd use the hps. HPS lights push out more lumens than an equal watt metal halide.
  3. Can a palnt be grown through it's entire vegetative/flowering process under HPS?

  4. Yes it can. It can be grown entirely under HPS or MH. You will get better results with HPS.
  5. Would you have a picture of a plant grown entirely under HPS?


  6. Heres one from a few years back when I used to use HPS lights. All LED now. Its a White Widow in a small pot.

    Plants tend to use blue spectrum in veg, red in flower. Being that a short amount of time is spent in Veg and double the time or more in Flowering HPS is just fine. Alot actually just grow with one type of light since with your ducting etc it can be a pain in the ass to change the bulb. I was using a Cooltube HID light and did not want to swap out the bulb even though I had a MH bulb handy.


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