Autos beginning flower.

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  1. Whats the shortest time you guys have seen an auto begin flower??

    Ive got one auto showing signs of flowering.. shes 16days above ground only.
  2. It's normal for them to show pre flowers pretty early since they flower in such a short period of time. Any pics?
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  3. 19 & 21 days on my Mephisto Fugue State and Sweet n Sour respectively. 28-35-42 days on my 5 ILGM White Widow autos (2-2-1).
  4. Here we go, its not the pistiling that worries me its the bunching on the new growth that concerns me. 16days... i mean thats really quick.

    Granted i dont usually grow autos so thats why i ask.

    20190715_103600.jpg 20190715_103618.jpg 20190715_103625.jpg 20190715_103714.jpg
  5. That's normal. Looks like you could feed it though. Light green like that suggests it needs some nitrogen
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  6. All I can tell you is that autos are VERY different; expect anything!
    LST is tough because of the growth density; but you’ll figure it out.
    Your plant looks ‘right’ to me.
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  7. Someone, I think JX, shares a piece of knowledge from a buddy of his that seemed to ring true as my first auto went into flower after its first stress free week of life. Before then, every type of training was applied.. anyway I think he buddy was studying the effects of higher level stress delaying flowering in autos. The part about it ringing true was from my experience. I thought I had photos and wanted to give them a solid week to recover before I flipped them. Then they’d began to flower anyway and I learned they were autos. Maybe this could be one for the Busters lol
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  8. This has got to be the funniest thing ever g.a. I just made a post yesterday asking longest time in veg for an auto. Hahaha
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  9. Its the photo buddy, shes really not as light as she looks.
  10. Ahahaha brilliant
  11. I, actually, noticed that.... and remembered!
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  12. Yea he has been my sensei for a couple weeks now. Got us on the same rhythm :)
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  13. I emailed fastbuds , hopefully this auto isnt flowering and i believe she isnt from the input of dudes here. Autos have never been my thing until now, im stuck in the past... trying to catch these new kids on block up
  14. Fastbuds reaponded, they believe shes beginning to flower, just like my first instinct. Im not impressed at all, thats thrown a spanner in my circuit. Maybe ill cull all the LSD-25s .. undecided yet.
  15. At least your FastBuds seeds end up growing I’m about to start my 5th and still can’t get a plant
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  16. The fast bud gorilla glues I grew were massive and didnt even start flowering for like 30 days. I ended up fucking the grow up but either way they were awesome plants
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  17. Come on show the little ones some love.. lol
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  18. Nah man, i dont grow daisies, i grow trees... as soon as im 100% certain that shes in transition ill kill them all out of rage !!
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  19. FastBuds is a crap, ripoff company. They have nice pictures.....but the weed is shit, and larfy IF it germinates.

    FastBuds dumps it's old tired stock on people under the guise of a "promo"

    Germination issues??? Yes, there are germination issues and complaints are showing up EVERYWHERE.

    fastbuds is a ripoff company whose seeds, send them your money and you'll see.

    The company has always had some sketchy ethics, but the ripoff on the 420 promo they ran, is huge.

    Pieces of crap don't answer emails....fine.

    I CAN TALK TO YOU FASTBUDS THIEVES ON THE FORUMS. Have it your way you thievin cowards.
  20. Lol well hello there mr newcomer I understand that you have issues with fast buds and all but you just went off on a rant to fastbuds on a forum members thread. Really dude fast buds did not even respond on this thread and the lsd actually came out a pretty good purple phenotype type and yielded a good amount for its size. Now they may be a shit company but I'm just saying I have seen plenty of successful fastbud grows over the past year that were all ordered this year..... just saying
    P.s. read the post before you go trolling.
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