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  1. Hey guls, gals im a newbie on the scene here. By that i mean Grassicty and growing and in particular.. growing autos. Actually its my second grow. The first one ended rather trajically. So ive simplified the setup.
    Location - closet
    Lights     - One of those big flourscent spiral type bubs. The cool spectrum type of course AND 250 watt                     hps bulb, adustable ballast ( 150, 175,250, super lumens)
    Soil         - Peatmoss, perlite, soil Mix.
    Water     - Tap which has been sitting out at least 24 hrs. Does water go bad if left out 2 long btw?
    method  - germinated then planted
    Ok so heres wat the bluest spectrum light from walmart (which isnt very blue but its in the spectrum at least) looks like.
    View attachment 1593639
    And heres a week later. Out of four we have 2 survivors. I was on an 18 6 light cycle up 2 this point. But now ive heard 20 4 cycle is wat autos like best so ive switched 2 that 2nite. Also ive activated the ballast at this point on the lowest setting 150 w.  The big thing is an air condition w a fan setting. View attachment 1593663 View attachment 1593665 View attachment 1593667 View attachment 1593666 View attachment 1593667 View attachment 1593669 View attachment 1593671 View attachment 1593673   View attachment 1593682 View attachment 1593685
    Comments Welcome : ) 

  2. Sounds like you are on the right track. Auto lights cycles, and light cycles in general, are one of the more debated topics in our little hobby. If the breeder recommends a certain cycle then I would go with that but otherwise try both and see which the strain likes the best over a couple of grow cycles. Personally I run mine 20/4 the whole way through.
  3. I would crank up as much light as possible. Autos have very little time to develop and I believe Doc-J to be correct. I also think 20-4 is optimal but they need as much light as your setup will allow without overheating.

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