Autos @ 12/12 or 18/6

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  1. Dear friends

    I am growing a few autos of jock horor and white widows of which one (jock) has started to flower.
    Maintaining 2 different light cycles in a single grow room is getting complicated, none the less ill have to manage.
    There alot of information out there and its kind off contradicting.
    Some say autos give better yields at 12/12 and some suggest 18/6 ( more light exposure better harvests).

    Please kindly advice
  2. 18 hours minimum
  3. You don't have to have a night cycle at all, with autos.
  4. @Pistils thanks mate

    @dankfeet i totally agree with you mate, thats what i was going with since the start, but then i read some more materials and confused myself. and therefore i started and 18/6 cycle and what amazed me is that the next morning when i switched on the lights i saw significant veg growth. since than i stay consistent on a 18/6.
    note that i have and average temp of 30 degree Celsius and RH 70% which keeps fluctuation up and down
  5. 18/6 deff best schedule for autos mate as widow particularly will stretch like all buggery on 12/12 lol I'm in middle of a nice widow auto now n she was forced to deal with 12/12 n yeah I ended up buying another tent ect just to get her under 18/6 to try and save her as last 2 I let go all way through on 12/12 where shit stretched n no body in flowers at all basicly wasted good seed

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